Thursday, May 19, 2016

Clean Grilling Group

As I embarked on this healthy lifestyle journey I'm on, the one thing I struggled with most was the nutrition part of it.  I know what good fuel for my body looks like and I know that I love it!  What I struggle with is making sure there is enough variety in my life (and that it's not too time consuming) so that I don't get bored eating the same things over and over.

So, I put together an awesome meal plan for my Clean Grilling Group that starts May 23rd.  I purposely selected the dates so that if there is something you love on the menu, you can share that recipe with your families on Memorial Day!

The group is 7 days and you can expect yummy recipes for breakfast+lunch+dinner each day, a pre-made shopping list to make your life easy, a giveaway for the most engaged participant, and some weeknight tips to make meal prep/nutrition easier with a family.

If you're interested in joining us, please click here and fill out the form!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life by Design

I was on my way to work this morning listening to the radio and people were calling in sharing recent experiences that sort of made them thankful.  At least, that's what it appeared.  I honestly wasn't listening too intently - I was busy having a conversation about the bumble bees and frogs on my toddler's blankies.  (way more important)

But something one of the callers said caught my attention and it made me listen a little harder.
"You make my day go by faster."

I cringed when I heard it and I thought - that's what I do.  Every day when I'm at work and my son is at school I try to figure out ways to make my day go by faster.  I want it to end so that I can go pick him up and take him home and spend time with him.  I'm wishing my life away.

And I'm in this sweet spot right now where I'm raising my baby and awaiting the arrival of Baby Girl and I should NOT be wishing any of this time away.  I should be soaking it in, relishing it, and praying for it to slow down.  Because the days may be long, but the years are short and already they are flying by too fast.

We are in this age when we don't have to be tied down to someone else's schedule, someone else's expectations, we can create a life by design and by golly, I'm going to do it.  I never want to say again - "I hope this day passes quickly."

I'm in this place in my business where I've rewritten my life by design and I'm so excited to be able to do the things I want to do, when I want and how I want to do them.  I want this for everyone.

Friday, May 6, 2016

You Just Had to Learn it for Yourself.

Courage doesn't always roar.  

I'm learning this as I'm riddled with anxious excitement over what is happening in my business, for my teammates, and how it is affecting my family.  See, when I started my health & fitness coaching business, I really had high hopes and big dreams, but I didn't voice them too loudly.  For fear...

What if they didn't happen?
What if everyone knew?
What if?

Like it's safer to not try at all than to put yourself out there for potential failure.  Have you ever felt that way?  Best not to try at all?

Yesterday I took another big step toward my goals and registered to become a certified Nutrition + Wellness Consultant.  In hindsight, I'm surprised I didn't go into a field like this fresh out of high school.  I was the typical tomboy high school athlete, but I guess I took the conservative safe route by going into education.  So, 10 years into my career why not make that dream come true?!

If it's one thing I'm learning on this journey it's that this is a journey - there doesn't have to be a finish line and just because I've gone down one path doesn't mean the doors are closed to another.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why I Stopped Doing Monthly Updates

So, I know with second children (or thirds or fourths) the bumpdates typically fall by the wayside.  And you may or may not have noticed that that has been the case around these parts.  Truth is: that's not a symptom of second-child pregnancy.  It's been a conscious decision.

Here's the thing:  After having CT, I worked hard to get into shape again.  To feel like me!  And with that came a lot of weight loss, a ton of muscle strengthening, loads of self-confidence, and a passion for being healthy so that I can be the best mom ever to my family.

And I've done that.  I'm in a much better place than I was before and as a result this pregnancy has been much smoother and healthier.

But, I noticed that I started to cringe and stress each time I stepped on that scale to do my weekly weigh-in.  I started to freak out a bit inside if the number was getting bigger.  I even went so far as asking the nurse to check and make sure my weight gain was acceptable.  To which she responded, "Girl, you're on the low end of the spectrum - stop worrying."

But, I couldn't stop thinking about it you guys.

So, I decided to stop getting on the scale except for the days I had to step on at the doctor office.  Those are required and good so that I can keep things in check.  But, what had started as a weekly weigh-in at home to monitor and record progress had turned into multiple times a week or even more than once a day!

And that's just not okay with me.  It shouldn't be for you either.

I'm not throwing away the scale and I'm not saying the only reason I did bump-dates was to track my weight, but I realized I can track these moments in different ways.  I typically update every other week or so on my Facebook page and I snap lots of little moments in between on Instagram so I can always look back on those when I decide to.

Pregnancy is absolutely beautiful and I'm not about to ruin it by stressing about things that are natural.  And good!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Mother's Day 2016 Gift Guide

mother's day 2016

This Mother's Day I'm requesting a black pair of Birkenstock sandals.  Last year my husband got me a brown pair of Birkenstock thongs and I have worn them religiously - comfiest shoe ever.  But, if I were to make a wish list for mothers everywhere, these are some of the items that would be on it.

What are you doing to celebrate Mother's Day this year?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Calling All Dreamers

work from home

Have you ever had a dream that you really wanted to make happen, but something got in your way?

Maybe it was self-doubt - that could never really happen.
Maybe it was money - it cost too much to make that happen.
Maybe it was time - I don't have time in my day to make that happen.
Maybe it was lack of opportunity - where would I even begin to make that happen?

That's sort of the way I felt after I had my son.  Before having him I would have never wanted to stay home, but shortly after I dreaded going back to work.  And my dream quickly turned into a burning desire to stay home with him.

But, I struggled with ALL of the above.
I "knew" it could never really happen.  It would cost too much for me to stay home or to start my own business.  I was too busy to devote time to something.  I didn't even know where to start!

For whatever reason something in my gut told me to go for it.  Thinking back it was probably looking at my gut in the mirror that made me go for it.

From the beginning I had pretty big dreams.  Top of the list being to be able to stay home with my babies.  Ever since having my son that has been my biggest dream.  Now that baby girl is on the way it's even bigger.  But, you guys, I was SO SCARED to share it with anyone.  Even my parents!

I just kept telling myself in the back of my head it would never happen.  And the other day I logged into my online office to see that I'm #184 in the company right now.  184 out of 415,000 coaches.  Way bigger news than I ever expected to hear.  And you know what it made me realize?

That little old me from the middle of nowhere can make this dream happen and if I can do it - you can do it, too! What if those dreams you've been dreaming aren't that far away?

I'm hosting a LIVE Glance into Coaching event TONIGHT on Facebook from 8:30-9:30EST.  I would love to share this business with you and how it has blessed me, my family, and every aspect of my life.  If you are even remotely interested, let me know!  Let's get connected so you can go for your dreams, too.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pregnancy Fitness Series | What's Different This Time Around?

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you know I've made several references to this pregnancy in comparison to my first recently.  And the other evening as I was running with a girlfriend she asked, "So, what exactly are you doing differently this time around?"

I couldn't come up with a response.  I was like, "Well, I'm eating better and exercising more frequently."  Duh - those are stupid answers.  

So I thought about it and thought about it when I got home that evening and I realized the reason I can't pinpoint what I'm doing different this time versus last time is because I'm a complete different person than I was three years ago!  In a good way.

This journey I've been on has just completely changed my life for the better.  My whole mindset is different therefore it's almost impossible to compare.  I have more confidence, I take care of myself, my priorities are different, my goals are different, my viewpoint on food is completely shifted.  And therefore, this doesn't feel like I'm sacrificing, it's just different.  In a good way!
Honestly, I'm not sure that I'm even conscientious of any of the things I'm doing differently.  Because at this point in my journey, they've become habits.  It's a habit to get my workout in each morning - I'm not saying I still make it at 5 a.m. every morning at 24 weeks pregnant, but most days I make it happen.  It's a habit to purchase healthy foods and therefore eat healthy foods.  I've learned over the past year if I don't keep the junk in my house then I don't eat the junk in my house.  Makes sense, right?

None of this would be possible without my challenge groups.  In the past Weight Watchers and 30 Day Shred and Whole 30 have worked for me for about 30 days.  Once I started to see results, I would jump off the bandwagon and go back to my old habits sabotaging everything I had worked for.  This is so different.  Because I have the support and accountability of a group of people that genuinely want to see me succeed and celebrate each milestone along my journey with me.

I realize that may be "available" at the gym or the app that goes along with other programs or by "checking in" with a hashtag on Instagram - but that didn't work for me.  Let me rephrase - it didn't last for me.  This did.

I've learned that healthy foods don't mean tasteless.  I've learned that there are healthy alternatives to all the sweets I love so much.  I've learned that moving makes me feel better.  I've learned that an active me serves as a great wife/mama to my family.

I just can't put into words the difference this has made in my life.

I would LOVE to share it with you by inviting you into my next challenge group.  I want to hook you up with your soulmate workout + give you the tools you need to succeed + get you acquainted with the amaaaazing people on my team and in my group.  If you're ready to commit, just comment or shoot me an email (coachgarvey at gmail) and let's get you there!