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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time Flies...

Time flies when you're having fun....
or you're too busy to realize the difference!

School has officially started; kids and all. So far so good. A wise man once told me teachers get through the school year one of two ways...."the book or the bottle." This ones gonna have to use a lil bit of both!

Irie has now been with us a week and a half and has gone 3 straight days with NO accidents! Hallelujah! The small things in life to be grateful for... She is very much the puppy and continues to nibble on everything from phone chargers (yes, we now share one charger) to pinky toes. The sleep deprivation and pin-size bites are all worth it. She brings so much happiness to us.

ECU football season is right around the corner and Justin and I could not be more excited for that! I have officially become and ECU football fanatic since we started dating and going to the games. I even made the cutest flowers to put in my hair this year out of purple and gold fabric. Very easy to make, by the way, and from one of my favorite websites: www.bobbie.com She has some amazing ideas on there.

So, the other night while laying in bed, Jus rolled over and said, "This is the most we've hung out in a week." Sad. But true. This week has been hella hectic. However, our sweet niece, Elizabeth and her husband have invited us out Sat. night to see Brad Paisley in concert with them and we are looking forward to that.

Some more "small things" to be grateful for right now: wonderful neighbors (just brought over homemade apple bread!), free masters classes, our health, Breyers ice cream, and DVR...without it we would never get to watch tv together!

Anyway, the cooking has been put on a brief hiatus until I get back into my school schedule. Justin and I are still in search of a cooking class for couples and are considering looking at the local community college. I found this fantastic website I can't help but share with you that is particularly clutch when you have little in your fridge to work with: www.supercook.com You type in what you do have in your kitchen and recipes automatically pop up out of nowhere - its amazing! We have come up with some creative concoctions using this site.

Okay, I'm very scattered in this post because I feel as though its been forever since I last wrote and my brain is in 500 different places. I apologize. For now though, I must sign off - 10 miles last night means ice cream and an early bed time tonight!


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