Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Costco, my love.

So, we have been married now 8 months which explains a lot why I haven't been on my blog! Marriage is continuous work, but soooo worth it. We are having a blast being married.

We recently became members at Costco and the geek in me is in love with the place! We spent mega-bucks there last month, but I won't have to buy chicken, bread, dog bones, hummus, etc. for months! It is definitely helping the budget.

As most of you know, I love cooking. In fact, we recently had a Pampered Chef party and the consultant asked us a question: Are you a Wendy, a Betty, a Martha, or a OPF? Wendy is someone who goes through drive-thrus, Bettery is someone who uses a box mix, Martha is from scratch, and OPF is other people's food. I am primarily a Martha! In fact, the only boxes of anything I have in my house right now are cereal and rice! I think that's pretty darn good for a 26 year old newly wed.

With that said, I hate bottled sauces. Particularly, I like least, pre-packaged alfredo sauce. I have recently discovered a cheap and yummy way of making alfredo! It also saves a few calories which is always a plus. I use one part grated parmesan cheese to two parts heavy whipping cream. Heat it on the stove and voila! Justin and I love it tossed over cheese tortellini and for the man in him (who thinks a meal isn't a meal without meat) I cook some bacon, chop it up and throw that in as well. Soooo good and fast!

I find it so disturbing that I get just as much a rush shopping at Costco as I do shopping for new fashions. Scary!