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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Style Goals for Fall '12: Footwear

So I feel as though since I've started blogging I've become much more aware of the options my closet provides.  However, I have done myself an injustice in the form of footwear.  I do have several very nice pairs of shoes, but rarely do I wear them.  I tend to live in my Rainbow flip flops and Mizuno running shoes.  Fashion faux pas 101. 

I have several style goals for fall 2012. 

Being a teacher, I need to have comfortable footwear because I'm on my feet almost 8-10 hours every day.  So, one goal is to incorporate more wedges into my wardrobe. 
I love these Aztec print wedges.  I need to broaden my horizons by adding patterns and color to my footwear wardrobe.

I need some wedge sandals to wear with skirts and dresses in the summer/fall in NC.

Navy is a color I definitely do not own in footwear.  The small wedge is professional, but comfy for long days.

I love the low wedge and nude color.

This would be great for weddings.
I LOVE turquoise!

All of the above shoes are from JC Penney.  I love their new product/sales pitch.  Everything is bright, fun, and extremely affordable.  If you haven't checked out the new and improved JC Penney, you are missing out.

I haven't been doing much shopping this summer aside from thrifting and refashioning.  I intend to do a "back to school" shopping spree the first weekend in August.  If you don't know, that weekend is tax free weekend in NC!  Boo-yahhhhh!!!  

Stay tuned for more style goals for fall 2012.


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