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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Heart

I always enjoy reading facts about other people so today I thought I would share my heart with you...

1. I am so grateful that I get to go to heaven.  It is the biggest blessing God gives.

2. I want to have babies, but I am so scared that I won't be able to or that I won't be good at it.

3. I have 2 dogs that I treat better than some parents treat their babies (shame on you, parents).  They are my babies right now.

4.  I am a runner...self-diagnosed.  Currently training for my third half marathon.

5.  I have red hair, freckles, and green eyes.  I am the recessive gene pool in one body.  (And I pray every night that my future children are gingers as well.)

6.  I am blessed with a curse.  I teach...middle school.  My heart beats for those kids.  I want to hug them, make them feel loved, fill them with knowledge, and teach them the ways of the land.

7.  I have 2 best friends that mean the absolute world to me.

8.  If I could do one crazy thing, it would be to audition for SNL.

9.  My favorite season is fall.  I love the crunchy leaves, colors, and football season.

10.  I am allergic to the cold.  No, it's not just that I don't appreciate the cold...I am legite allergic.  When I was 6, my dad and I were skiing and he rushed me to the hospital thinking I had frostbite.  Turns out, there is a fluid in our body that activates when we are cold causing us to shiver; I'm allergic to it.  Leave it to me!

11.  I played soccer in England/Scotland.  For a little over a week.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.  Our college team went over together - you can't beat it.

12.  My brother is my life-line.  I love him more than he knows.  I am the most over-protective, annoying big sister there could possibly ever be.  He puts up with me.

13.  I met my husband by way of motorcycle accident.  Long story.

14.  I care way too much what others think.  I am prayerfully getting past that.  

15.  I was blessed with the best parents I could ever have asked for.  They are the most loving, giving, exemplary people out there.  Which brings me to my fear of parenthood - I want to give my kids what I had.

16.  I grew up in a small town, graduated with 28 in my class.

17.  I want to become superintendent of a school system so that I can rip off the band-aid the government has placed over the wound and actually get to the root of the matter.  Our education system is not prioritized as it should be and I want to fix that by getting rid of bad teachers, employing great ones, setting up a family unit within the schools, creating a school system that is unified, and inspiring kids to greatness.

18.  I went to college 9 hours from home, but never once felt as though I wasn't at home.  (Juniata College in PA is the bomb(dot)com - if you're graduating soon, check it outtttt)

19.  My Mimi is the most beautiful woman I know...inside and out.  I aspire to be like her.  She taught me to laugh from my belly, sew, and throw a mad tea party.  Things I want to teach my future grandchildren one day.

20.  I love my husband.  We are not perfect; we will never claim to be.  My love for him is unconditional and undying.  We will make it through anything that comes our way because of our covenant we made on our wedding day.  My marriage is my #2 priority (my relationship with Jesus being #1.)

It's not much.  I'm nothing special.  Some of you knew these things about me already anyway.  Just a glimpse into my heart.  Thanks for getting to know a lil more about moi.

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  1. LOVE this post! It was a great way to get to know more about you. You've inspired me to do a similar post. I will of course give you credit for the idea.

    I found out about your blog from your comment on the Naptime Review. I'm "The" Jenn from Fit for Expecting (I like to say that as if I'm some famous person that everyone knows...totally not the case).

    Let's stay in touch.

    Fit for Expecting

    1. Jenn, thank you so much! I love it!! Thank you. :). I will have to check out your blog tomorrow. Thanks for the credit.

  2. what? to be allergic to the cold? so unique. i wish i had that so we had an excuse to always live in warm weather. so interesting. loved this post, girl!
    xo TJ


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