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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WHAT WORKS FOR ME: workout gear

I love all the cute workout gear that I see in the gyms and on the sidewalks while I'm out running.
Until recently, I always just wore an old college tee-shirt, a pair of shorts, and some sneakers.
I just wore what I had and what was expected of me while on the field in college.

Let's be honest ladies, cute workout gear increases the probability of us actually getting off our lazy bums and going out and doing something.
So, I've purchased moisture wicking tanks, shorts, and capris.
You know the frugalista in me isn't going to pay $70 for a pair of Nike capris
so I did my research and I've found several pair that are just as nice for a much smaller price tag.
These capris are from Target and only cost $24.99.  I purchased a pair online and they fit pretty true to size.  I'm typically a small and that is what I ordered.  I have been very pleased with them.

I also purchased a pair from Walmart.  They were about $10 cheaper than Target, but they are not as high quality.  I like them for less intense exercise such as walking the dogs and plyometrics.

Tax free weekend I was at the Tanger Outlets in Mebane getting my shop on and had gone with the intent to purchase new workout gear and cross trainers.  I was really disturbed to see the prices in the Nike outlet and the Reebok outlet.  As stated before, I don't really care about branding; as long as something serves its purpose, is durable, and lasts, I'm okay with it being generic.
A moisture-wicking tank in Nike was $34.99, in Reebok it was $39.99!
Needing more than one, there was just no way I could afford that so I went into the Hanes oulet and found several Champion tank tops and shorts that were all $9.99 each and work great.

**What you are about to read is purely my opinion**
I am not a fan of Nike sneakers.  At least not for running or any intensive type of workout.
From my experience, Nike sneakers are not durable and wear out much quicker than other brands.  I do not think that you get what you pay for when purchasing Nike.  They tend to be rather expensive.

I prefer Mizuno or Aasics running shoes.
They are specifically designed for running and hold up much longer than their Nike counterpart.
I average about 100-125 miles on a pair of Mizunos/Aasics before they are worn out and I need a new pair.  Never has one of my toes gone through the end, my sole come apart, or my stitching rip.
This is my current pair.  I have about 90 miles on them so far and I am loving them.
Unfortunately, running shoes are very expensive and if you are an avid runner (10-15 miles per week) you will need to buy a new pair every 3-4 months.
It adds up.

I love Dick's Sporting Goods because if you have a rewards card, you receive $10 gift certificates in the mail all the time.  I also get countless coupons and save them to use with the gift certificates, but when I found these shoes they wanted $125 for them.  I just can't justify that knowing that in a few months I will have to drop more money on another pair.
So I decided to hold off since, even with coupons, they would cost me $100.
I looked around online (Frugalista moment) and discovered a great running website where I was able to purchase the shoes for just $84.99; much better!  Not to mention, shipping was free.

When purchasing workout gear, it is important to remember:
  • Purchase things in the appropriate size that fits you comfortably.  Don't focus on the size you want to be; focus on how it feels on your person.  If it isn't comfortable, it will rub you raw and cause blisters leading to injury/discomfort.
  • Make sure that your shoes are designed to suit your needs.  Take the time to get fitted.  Find out if you require stability or cushioning and whether your stride is neutral or not.  It doesn't cost anything; most athletic stores offer it complimentary with/without purchase.
  • Do NOT workout in worn out sneakers.  You are just asking for injury when you do that.
  • Be prepared for all types of weather.  If you run/workout in varying temperatures/climates, purchase heat gear and cold gear.  It is worth every cent.  Also purchase the appropriate head gear, gloves, and socks.  They will make a big difference when outside in colder climates or wet weather.
  • Brand means nothing unless you have a personal preference.  I will admit, Nike puts out some adorable clothes, but I can get the same thing in a plain pattern so much cheaper.  I can't see paying $35 for a pair of running shorts when I can get them for $9.99.  After all, my goal isn't to leave the gym looking good - it's to leave it with my hair matted to my red, glistening face.


  1. when i ran, i spent LITTLE money on workout clothes and LOTS of money on shoes. if you're gonna spend, spend on shoes, i say!!

  2. I've never thought about going to Dick's for work out wear. Duh! I will need to check there next time I need to buy some stuff.


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