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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Gotta Live a Little

Via Pinterest
Last weekend I went to a birthday party for my friend, Laura's, 2 year old daughter.
When we arrived to the party, there was a swing set in the back of the church.

I couldn't resist...

I used to be very aware...overtly aware of what other people were thinking and saying about me.
I would not act like myself because I didn't want to come off "weird."

Last weekend I got one of the best compliments (in my "weird" opinion):
"You have the personality of Zooey Deschanel."
Ummm.....have I told you of my obsession with the New Girl?!
I want to be her best friend and neighbor.  In fact, if I lived in CA, I'd probably be a stalker.  Thank God He landed me in NC.  I think she's safe.
A while back I genuinely stopped caring what people thought of me and what they had to say.
It was like Jesus just came into my heart, coated it with a layer of camo, and made it all okay.
So now...
via Pinterest
 I live my life like a musical and I'm the star of the show.
If people don't like it, they can buzz off and tune out.
The ones that love me, love my "weird."

Do you struggle with concern about what others think?  Are you your own version of weird?
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  1. I think you are awesome and not weird at all, but then again maybe we're two weirdos because I think I am weird! Swinging is awesome and BOO to people who dull your sparkle! Be you, God made you in his image and his image is pretty darn awesome!

  2. hahahahah i love it! i am totally weird and i am A-OKAY with it! :)

  3. Someone telling you that you're like Zooey? That's a compliment, for sure! I adore her and I'm obsessed with New Girl. I quote from it all the time. HAHA.

    Cute blog!! Found you through Molly's post today. Following!


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