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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shopping My Closet Round 1

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I love shopping.

Last weekend I went shopping to get fabric for my upcoming craft fair and to scope out the Labor Day Sales and do you know...
I walked out empty handed!

That is not normal, people.  Honestly, I just couldn't find anything worthy of my cha-ching.

It made me start to think that all those nights I get my clothes out and prepare an outfit for the next day...the nights where I think, "Gosh, I've got nothing to wear that I haven't already worn."
Perhaps....(just perhaps), I'm wrong!

So, I'm diving into my closet and pulling out some of my favorite items and finding new ways to style them.  I have so many pieces that are versatile and stylish.  There is absolutely no reason why I feel like I have nothing to wear.

The first thing I pulled out is a great plum skirt that I rarely wear, but absolutely adore.  I must admit the only thing I have ever worn this skirt with is a plain black tee, tights, and boots.  So, I branched out and pulled together some other outfits to go with it. 

 I apologize for the poor lighting in these pictures.  I prefer having my pictures taken outside, but my hubby and I got caught in the rain when we attempted to do that last night.  So, this will serve the purpose for today.  Please, bear with me.
Skirt: Belk (similar here), Tank: Old Navy, Blazer: Kohls
Here, I paired the skirt with a purple tank top making it appear to be a dress.  I put on my grey Lauren Conrad blazer from Kohl's and a pair of bone colored shoes I wore in a wedding.  I added a turquoise bracelet to give a pop of color since my plum is really acting as a neutral here.  And accented it with a silver necklace I thrifted last week.

I don't know if you can tell, but this skirt has a great bow detail on the waistband.  It gives it a little extra in the cuteness department.  I bought it on the sale rack at Belk a few years ago for $13.
Skirt: Belk (similar here), Blouse: Old Navy (similar here), Pumps: Dr. Scholl's (can't find them!)
Here, I paired the skirt with a polka dot shirt I got at Old Navy two years ago for $3.50!  I love the polka dot blouse; I wear it a lot!  You will definitely be seeing it again especially since polka dots are currently trending! I kept it simple with a pair of black pumps.

Ladies, these are seriously the most comfortable pumps I've ever had on my feet!  They are made by Dr. Scholl's.  I got them about six years ago from The Brown Shoe Closet if you ever come across one.  Seriously, I can wear these babies all day teaching, coach a basketball game in them, and then go out to dinner after.  They're that good.

This morning, my hubby and I were talking about how certain things in our closet never get worn and then one day, out of necessity, we pull them out and wear them.  And we realize how much we like them or how comfy they are or how many compliments we get while wearing them and suddenly, they are back in our wardrobe rotations!  

I encourage you to go shopping in your closet.  I guarantee you have  some hidden gems in there and you just need to rethink ways to wear them.  It's fun and free!


  1. i love this post, lindsay! i am the same way - i have gotten a lot better about walking out empty-handed and repurposing pieces in my closet i never wear. it's fun to go "shopping" in your own closet sometimes

  2. Love this post! I definitely need to go shopping in my closet. You know I have been stressing about Fashion Week and what to wear and feeling pressured to go out and buy all new things but I know I have some pretty awesome pieces already 'hanging' out in my closet! That's where I'll be shopping! :-)

  3. I need to do that! I know I have lots of things that I could find new ways to wear them! LOVE that first outfit!


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