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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Goal Setting

Let's face it, gals.  Life happens.

And it doesn't always happen the way we plan for it to.
In fact, sometimes it happens in totally unexpected ways.
And, we aren't always able to bounce back from these unexpected events as quickly or as easily as we would like.  Leaving us with unfinished business and setting us back in our plan.

I've always been a goal-setter, a list-maker, a planner if you will.
So, when my world was tossed around a few weeks ago due to a death in the family, illness, and a jam-packed schedule...my goals, lists, and plans got tossed out the window.  I'm typically okay with it - as much as I am a planner, I am also spontaneous.  You won't see me jumping out of an airplane, but I definitely go with the flow of life.

So, when I realized just how far off track I was from my goals, lists, and plans, I realized I needed to get back on that track and decided what better way than to share my goals with the world?

You see, I'm a firm believer that the more people I have to hold me accountable, the higher chance I have of achieving whatever it is that I want to achieve.

So, I decided that on Sundays, I will try to set some goals for the week ahead, possibly even the month.  I love checking things off my to-do list and being able to look back at these posts and see that I've accomplished my goals will just make my heart smile.

Feel free to share your own goals in the comments area or blog about your own weekly/monthly/annual goals.  I would love to hear from you whether your goals are big, small, or in between.  I know that, personally, I appreciate the cheerleaders in my life and I would love to be a cheerleader for you.  We can do things on our own, but it is so nice to know you have someone out there rooting for you, in your corner through it all.  And definitely, feel free to kick me in the tail if you notice that I'm not reaching my goals.  Call me out.  Shake me by the shoulders.  Yell at me if you have to.  I can take it and I will appreciate it....eventually.


  • To prepare at least 1 homemade snack to take with me this weekend to see my family
  • To run as often/long as I can at least 4x this week
  • To prepare at least 3 homemade meals this week
  • To add to my inventory for my upcoming craft fair
  • To get my StoreEnvy shop up and running
What are your goals?  Long or short term?


  1. I love setting goals for the week. I used to do the same and post them every Monday. It's so much more motivating and you feel more accountable! love it. Good luck on yours this week! My goal is: NO COFFEE! yikes, I'm scared.


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