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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bathroom Stall & The Jonas Brothers

Tales from the Teacher's Lounge

So, I need to tell you a little story about my experience with the Jonas Brothers, a bathroom stall, and a very upset little girl.  A point of interest before the story begins: many of my students have other uncontrollable struggles that they are dealing with as if middle school isn't hard enough.

With that said, the story of the bathroom stall and the Jonas brothers:

So, one morning I was standing in the hallway attending my normal morning duties: greeting students, taking attendance, and supervising the hallway.  I saw this particular little girl at her locker, unpacking her backpack so when I walked into my classroom for Homeroom and noticed her missing, I went looking for her.  I first tried the office to no avail and then hit up the bathrooms on the way back down to my room.

I found this little girl (whom I absolutely adore to this day) curled up in a ball between the toilet and the wall in her stall crying her little eyes out.
I knocked on the stall door and asked her to come out.  "No!"
I asked her if she would open the stall door so that I could come in.  "No!"

I then decided the only thing I could possibly do was to pull up my skirt and crawl under that stall door to console her and figure out what in the world was causing her to be so upset.  So I did.  I crawled under that stall and I put my arms around that little girl and just held her while she sobbed into my shoulder.

After a while I asked, "What is the matter, honey?  What has you so upset?"
Her response, "Nick was supposed to call me last night and he didn't!"
"Nick who?"
"Nick Jonas."

Oh.  Nick Jonas was supposed to call.  I wasn't quite sure how to fix this because I couldn't exactly pull Nick Jonas aside and scold him for not carrying through on his promise.  So, I came up with the best solution I possibly could to get us both off the nasty middle school bathroom stall floor!  I told her that we could go back to class and she could write Nick a nasty letter detailing exactly why she was so upset with him and if she put it on my desk I would make sure to mail it to him so that he knew just how she felt.

She wiped those tears, got up from the floor, gave me a hug, and poured her little heart out onto a piece of paper for the new 45 minutes.
It was on my desk when she walked out the door.

I love middle school.


  1. omg that story is the BEST! has me cracking up!!!! that's totally what i miss about being a teacher - kids are hilarious!

  2. LOL, I second Molly's comment, that little lady is a TRIP! Oh, middle school... Thanks for sharing this girl, made me smile!!

  3. LOL!! How rude of him to NOT call! I hope he gets her nasty letter!!

    Kids really say the darnedest things and keep us young at heart!

  4. what an adorable story...I guess Nick is a real heart breaker!

    Colour Me Classic


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