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Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Lately, I've not led a balanced life.
I've exercised less and eaten more.
I've stayed inside >> I've breathed fresh air.
I've baked way more than I've cooked.


Reality hurts.
I needed a good dose of it.

I worked my butt off this summer to get in shape and lose some extra weight I was carrying around.  And I did!  Only to allow the winter months roll in and gain it all back.  It's not like I'm going into hibernation soon...I don't need this layer of warmth.  No excuses is a good excuse.

So, I'm asking all of you to help me.  Perhaps, we can help each other.  I've always been the "motivational friend."  You know what I mean...we all have the "fun friend" we like to go out with, the "confidante friend" we can talk to about anything, the "spiritual friend" we can go to for advice and faith, etc.  Well, the "motivational friend" is the one who inspires those around her to do new things, try new things, go places, take care of themselves.

I'm still that person, but I've realized that I'm inspiring all these other people and not doing it myself!  I'm talking the talk, but I'm not walking the walk.  I need a "motivational friend" myself.

I'm just going to keep it real and say some of the best friends I've made are through Blogland.  Is that sad or creepy to say?  I hope I'm not the only one.

Seriously, I love reading Laura's blog about her baby boy, circuit training, and her love for her husband.  She motivates me with her healthy recipes and recaps of her daily workouts.  I love reading Sarah's blog about growing spiritually and loving your husband.  Molly inspires me to be true to myself and outwardly loving.  Grace provides me a dose of humor each day reminding me that even in the "bad" times, we can find reason to chuckle.  Merrick and LeAnn are phenomenal mothers who excite me for the season when it comes my way.

So, let's motivate each other.  Let's encourage one another via comments, emails, tweets, etc. to work hard and take care of our temples.  Let's co-spire.

Co-spire is a word I just made up.  It means working together to inspire one another spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  What do you say?  Are you in?

If so, each Sunday when we are about to embark on the week, let's take a moment to reflect on what our goals are and what we have accomplished.  I'm not just talking a list of things to check off, but sharing feelings and frustrations and amusements and joys.  I don't get to do that with girlfriends on a regular basis.  I know there are Motivational Monday link-ups at Living in the Moment.  Perhaps, we could link up there and spread the love with others.


  1. I love this idea, and I need it, too! I got into great shape this past summer, and then BLAM, the weight's all back, I'm not exercising, and I'm not eating right :( I'm so unmotivated and my life is in limbo sort of right now, too. Any motivation I can offer or receive, I would be so grateful!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog and feeling inspired. Like you, I find it a nice change to read something and get a positive feeling for it. That is one reason I started my Motivational Monday link up. Sometimes it just takes the right quote or message to completely change your mood.

  3. uhm this made me tear a little bit. i love you!! i'm inspired by you so much, lins! seriously. such a blessing, you are :)


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