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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Necessary Randomness

I'm linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday

So, I'm a teacher which I'm sure most of you know if you've been around for a while and can I just say I needed this day of randomness!!  Serious, it was a necessity.

To celebrate our Thanksgiving break, last night a girlfriend and I hosted a Stella and Dot Party with the fabulous Brooke of What 2 Wear.
For the party, I decided to make a pumpkin roll...from scratch...for the first time.  Props to all the ladies out there that do this regularly!  It's labor-intensive!  But it was very tasty and went over well.

A few other randoms from the week:
Finally beat my husband at Words with Friends!  Boom!!

I can't even put into words the way this made me feel.  I am not trying to brag, but I have to document this moment on the blog because I know there are going to be days where I feel like a failure or like giving up and notes like this will remind me of what is most important in life.  This girl is a youth at our church whom I just adore and it was such a blessing to have her say this about me.

Had a rough weekend.  I blame growing pains and stress and red wine.  I needed to refocus my heart and (literally) get a breath of fresh air.  Today was the perfect day to get that.  I can't think of much better than running in the leaves to the new Kari Jobe album.

Sat down today and mapped out my Black Friday game plan.  And yes, I do mean game plan.

Today, I'm going to see the new Twilight movie with girlfriends.  Super stoked.  I feel like a pedophile saying this but, I am SO Team Jacob.

In case you are interested our Stella&Dot party is still open and you are welcome to make purchases under our party for the next 3 weeks so if you want to get some Christmas shopping done or couldn't make it to our party, just click here, and order away!

It felt good to get some Christmas shopping done last night during our party and I'm looking forward to getting most if not all of it done Friday!

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  1. That was so sweet of that girl to say that about you. melt my heart!! You are such an amazing women and that was no bragging!! Good luck shopping on Friday! Hope you score some great deals!! Thanks for linking up and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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