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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Gas Pass

Tales from the Teacher's Lounge

I pride myself on establishing positive relationships with my students.
I like to think that they feel comfortable around me and are able/willing to talk to me about anything that they might need advice on.  I like to think that I can provide them a sense of consistency in their hectic lives and that I might be a positive role model in a world that is so vehemently lacking.

I was having a conversation with an 8th grade boy last week and it wasn't an extraordinary conversation by any means.  In fact, we may have been talking about basketball tryouts or some other happening at school.

Suddenly in the middle of me talking, this boy put his finger up, paused, and said,
"Hang on one second, I need to fart."
He then walked into the bathroom (leaving me with my mouth hanging open).

I stated, "Honey, ladies don't want to know when that is going to happen."
His response, "It's okay...false alarm."

Umm...I died.

I like having a close relationship with my students, 
but not that close!

Although, I guess it was polite of him to walk away??


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  1. I love that you are a teacher Lins!!! I bet you are a great one too!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  2. bahaha! Love this story, cracks me up! You are right at the very least he did excuse himself :)

  3. hahahahahahahahaahah i am dying. i love kids!

  4. WHOA! TMI, buddy! I can't believe he was brave enough to kindly share that with you! Bahaha!

    Thanks for sharing this post with me, Lins!


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