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Thursday, December 27, 2012

December CARA Box

Again, my CARA box had perfect timing.  Not to mention fantastic gifts and the most precious note.

Cara Box
If you weren't around to read my last post on the CARA Box, let me refresh your memory:
You get linked up to another blogger/participant (a few don't have blogs) and you interact with them through email, twitter, etc. to get to know them.
Every month there is a theme and this month's theme was sparkle.

I was particularly excited about the sparkle theme because sparkle is just fun!  And, if I'm being honest, its one of those things I don't usually buy myself.  So I was excited to see what my CARA Box partner sent me.  

First let me tell you about the person I was linked up with (this time around, we gave to someone different than the person giving to us.)  I was given Krista.  Upon emailing her, we realized we were at very different stages of life, but had many common interests/hobbies.  Krista is a mother of four and has been married to her hubby for 20+ years!  I was so excited to get to know her and hear all the positive things about marriage.  I don't know about any of you newly weds, but I have run into a crazy amount of cynicism toward marriage since joining the club.  Any of you?

Knowing Krista is a mom of four and assuming she probably devotes the majority of her time to her family, I decided her CARA Box was going to be about pampering herself.  I included one of her favorite magazines, some sparkle nail polish, lotion, and polish remover pads.(as well as a few other little gifts)  I also included some fruit snacks for the kids so that they would be entertained while she had her "mom time."

Now, my CARA Box buddy did a phenomenal job.  Her name is Teressa and she blogs over at Newborn Momma.  

She literally sent me the sweetest note I have ever received.  It stated everything that I needed to hear after a 16 hour car ride leaving my family in NY to travel back to NC.  Not to mention, during Christmas break when I'm thanking God for a break from my crazy school schedule.  
I read the note first and I'm glad I did because it really gave me a peak into Teressa's heart.  She is so sweet and loving.  Teressa, I cannot say thank you enough for your kind words.  

Then came the goodies and she rocked this arena as well!!
Each gift was wrapped in pretty tissue with a little ribbon around it.  I received Nutella (obsessed), some homemade cookies she posted about here, a glitter headband, a sparkly belt, and some sparkly nail polish!  I can't wait to wear them on New Years!  

If you haven't signed up to do the CARA Box Exchange and you love gift giving, I encourage you to sign up in January.  I love it because it encourages networking, building relationships, and invites you to find new blogs that you will enjoy.  Not to mention, who doesn't get excited about a package on your doorstep when you get home?!


  1. oh my goodness - that note made ME tear up!! i love this <3

  2. LOVE your note and box (:

    I can't wait to go see the box you made once it's posted!

  3. Adorable! This was my first exchange and I loved my box just as much. God bless :-)

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle

  4. OMG. NUTELLA! wow. :) :) perfect for the holidays!


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