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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids Say...

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Tales from the Teacher's Lounge

Bill Cosby would have so much to work with had he been working at my school.

Kids truly do say the darndest things...

"Can I go to the bathroom?  My stomach reeeally hurts."
Next time, just ask to go to the bathroom.  I don't need the deets.

"Why don't you have babies?"
Me: "I'm only 27 so I got to enjoy some of my 20s being just married first."
"You're getting old.  You better have them soon."
I almost want to ask if my parents paid them to say this.
But really, when did kids start thinking 27 was old?!
Or am I just old and that's why I think 27 is young now?

"That skirt makes your butt look bigger than normal."

"Miss, what's wrong with your face?  You don't look so good."
My response: Thanks, you look nice, too!

"If I asked you to go to prom with me, what would you say?"

"Miss, you're skinnier today."
I actually thanked the kid for that one.

"Are you pregnant or are you just getting fat?"
Just fat, thanks for asking.

The most recent:
(after I already received an apology letter from the girl)
"Miss, I am so sorry that I lied to you that day that we were in running club and I told you about my sister."
Me: When did you lie to me?
"You remember.  I told you about my sister not coming to school."
Me: (in my head: nope.) Oh, okay.
"I'm really sorry.  I didn't know you were a Christian woman.  I know that since you are a Christian woman, you would never tell a lie.  I truly didn't mean to hurt you heart like that."
Me: You're forgiven.  (Please, walk away)
"Really, miss, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to make your heart cry."
Me: You're forgiven.  It's okay, really.
"Okay, do you forgive me, miss?"
Me: Yes (Yesssssss!!!!!!! a;dljfalskdfalsdhflakds)

Remind me why I chose middle school?


  1. oh MAN i can't believe even students harass you about having babies! I thought that was limited to parents and in-laws... :)

    Sea and Swank

  2. ha ha ha.. those are too funny. Kids really can be so mean without meaning it..

  3. ohmygosh these are so great! those kids....

  4. hahahaha i am dying. i used to have a whole document FULL of hilarious things my students said when i was a teacher.

  5. aww!!!! kids seriously say the craziest things!! love this post..


  6. hahaha oh my gosh!! They really do say the craziest things! Can't believe they said that about you having babies.


  7. Found you from Kaitlyn's blog (you commented on her Passionfruit question!)
    Your blog is so fun...and man, are these kiddos funny! I got my degree in ECE and am currently working as an executive assistant while I look for a teaching job.
    can't wait to read more--let me know if you want to swap buttons!


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