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Monday, January 28, 2013

We interrupt this program to...

Sorry, folks.  No Tales from the Teacher's Lounge today.  It's way too important of a day to stick to the reg.  Instead, I must pay homage to the day that created the man that helped to create me.

Happy birthday, Daddy!

Over the years you have taught me so much...
how to ski downhill using the pizza pie
how to get on and off a chairlift all by myself
how to drive a stick shift...as painful as it was

how to stack wood in ranks
that jeans are not as warm as sweats
how to tackle a DIY project

how to laugh so hard it hurts
the importance of reading
how to properly cook bacon and eggs

how to check the oil in my car
how to speak the truth...even when it hurts
how to show love

I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy in my life.
You are loving, supportive, involved, and understanding.
I know I can call you and talk or cry and you will always be there.

You have always been my biggest fan: cheering me on at ball games, watching all of my plays and concerts, driving me all over the North Country to get me to practice, rehearsal, 4-H meetings, and Girl Scouts.  I never heard you complain.  Not once.  You always do what is best for your family.

Not just your family, your community.  Dad, the fact that you have served 13 years on the schoolboard, several more years on the BOCES school board, and are now on Town Council has had a huge affect on the children you raised.  Because of this, we know the importance of standing up for what you believe in, not fearing other people's menace, and the difference one person can make.

The love you've always shown Grandma and Grandpa Wrisley, Mimi and Papa, and all the members of your family is so genuine and tangible.  I understand the significance of a helping hand, a card in the mail, a phone call, and volunteering because I've seen you do it for them and others.

Thank you for being willing to lay on the floor with me and color, read a book, or even play Barbies.  Thank you for being willing to make enemies to give Josh and me the best school possible.
Thank you for being an amazing daddy, but more importantly, an amazing husband to mom.
Thank you, daddy, for being you.

I love you.


  1. Awe, there isn't another man in this whole entire world that will love you like a Daddy! This melted my heart! You guys are adorable! Tell him I said Happy of Birthdays!!

  2. He sounds like an amazing man!! Happy Birthday to your Dad! Love those pictures from your wedding :)


  3. Dad's are the best! I get to celebrate my Dad's birthday this week as well.

  4. There's NOTHING else in this world like a daddy! Loved reading this!


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