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Friday, February 8, 2013


So many of us have shared that we don't have an accountability partner.  We aim to write down our food in a journal or work out each day, but with no one or no thing holding us accountable who can surely say that always do it?  Who even cares if we don't do it?

I've shared before that a huge part of accountability for me is posting pictures to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but even then I don't get a lot of feedback.  It's just me posting inspiration, motivation, goals, or accomplishments.  To my virtual friends it may even appear that I'm boasting.  (Not that I've got much to boast about.)

So, with all the comments I've seen lately in regards to accountability partners and the lack thereof, I came up with an idea.  A way for each of us to hold and be held accountable. Are you following?

So, if you are one who struggles with accountability or just wants the extra support system, here is what you need to do:

  1. Follow Domesticated Working Woman and Honor, Courage, Commitment.
  2. Comment below with your email address/twitter handle.
By Wednesday of next week, I will create a list pairing each of you up with another lady.  You 2 can decide from there how you would like to hold each other accountable.  You may decide to email weekly, biweekly, or tweet one another.  You may exchange addresses/phone numbers and hold each other accountable that way.  You must get in touch with each other at least once a week sharing goals, accomplishments, struggles, etc.  

I want to make it clear that Fitness Friday is not just a place for you to share workouts.  It is also a place to share motivational quotes, inspiring images, struggles, healthy recipes, short/long goals, etc.  Everyone has something to share.  Fitness is not just physical.

Honor Courage Commitment

P.S. Today is the last day to sign up for my giveaway.  Do it!  It's cute and fun!


  1. This is a fantastic idea!!
    I'd love to have someone to talk with about motivation (or lack there of), struggles, goals etc.

    great idea!



  2. Yay!! This is great!! Sign me up!

  3. Get it girl! Be boastful you should be SO proud!

  4. Great idea! I just joined a friend's FB group where she's promoting accountability with working out. It's good to know there are others out there working.


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