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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Forgetful Me

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Scarf: me, Sweater: Loft (love this one on sale), Skirt: me, Boots: Jessica Simpson

I forget things that are so stinking easy to remember all the time.  You too?!

Maybe if I make a list of things I often forget I will remember them better?  Or perhaps, one of you would comment saying you do the same thing and make me feel a little better about it?  Hmm?

Sometimes I forget...

to put deoderant on.  
I know, I've only been wearing it for like 15+ years or something, but I do!
In fact, I forget so often that I keep a stick in my desk at work just in case.

to throw my paper towels away.
I leave them on the counter and drive my hubby batty.

to listen to voicemails/return phone calls.

to floss my teeth...okay all the time.

to switch the laundry from washer to dryer.

to text people back. In my head I do it, but in real life I forget!

to paint my nails.

to take my makeup off before I go to bed at night.

to drink enough milk each day.
I love milk, I don't know why I don't drink enough!

to defrost dinner before the night I want to cook it.

how many minutes it takes to heat my Lean Cuisine.

birthdays. Epic failure.

Do you forget everyday things?

I don't know why I forget.  I just do.  And, like I said, its the simplest of things...like replacing the toilet paper on the roll in the bathroom when its out or throwing away leftovers.  I think its really funny that I forget to do the everyday mundane things that are routine.  Especially when I can remember to do other things that are much less important than putting on deoderant.

Perhaps now that I have a list I will remember do do them all.
Or, perhaps, I will forget about my list!


  1. leopard and stripes are my favorite! and you look so cute in your glasses!!

  2. you look ADORABLE and i'm the same way with texting. i forget to text people back all the time. woops.


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