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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweet Reminders...

Tales from the Teacher's Lounge

Teaching is a hard job.
Not just anyone can do it.
There are days that make you question
why you chose this profession,
why you chose middle school,
how you will make it 30 years...

It is a hard job, 
but it is also a calling.
I can't imagine myself doing anything else.
Teaching is my thing and even on the tough days,
I know I'm making a difference...the smallest difference.

Then there are days where your sweet, sweet kids remind you
why you chose this profession,
why you chose middle school,
and just how the next 30+ years will go.

My students graciously showered me with Valentine's gifts.
I came home with more pounds of chocolate than I know what to do with, cookies, and cupcakes.

This card warmed my heart.  This particular child struggles with the English language as its his second.  There are days he makes teaching or maintaining everyone's attention difficult.  However, he makes me smile every day and this card validated me.  I know that I give him reason to smile every day, too.

I'm not sure if you can tell what this last picture is, but it is quite possibly, single-handedly my biggest accomplishment all year.  The child that created this project is a Newcomer.  He has been in America for less than 6 months.

He recently started attending my class after being in a Language Arts class with a Spanish speaking teacher for the first 18 weeks of school.  To help with the transition, he attends my class 3 days a week, and the other 2 he spends in her room.

The other day he turned in his homework to her a day early.
He said, "May I please stay in Mrs. Gaines' class tomorrow?  We are working on this really cool project and I really want to finish. I did all my work for you.  I can turn it in now."

When she came to me and asked if this was okay, I beamed.

This is the project he had been working on.  My students have recently wrapped up their book club books and I challenged them to create a visual representation of 1 element of the book in whatever medium they wanted.  Some made collages, book trailers, diarama, comic strips, etc.

This boy had read a book about Hiroshima (in Spanish) and created a comic strip illustrating what happened and an example of what the devastation may have looked like.
Not just that.

He stood up in front of 22 classmates and presented his project explaining why he drew what he drew and how it related to the book.  The entire presentation was in Spanish, but a classmate volunteered to interpret for those that don't know Spanish.
I wish I could share a picture of the smile on his face
or the one he put on mine.

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  1. REALLY wish you had his presentation videoed! I hate I missed it!!

  2. I REALLY wish you had his presentation videoed! I hate I messed it!!

  3. Sorry Lindsay! Not sure why that post popped up twice.

  4. You got some good loot!! I love this story of your student! What a positive affirmation for you as a teacher!!!

  5. That's what makes you an amazing teacher!

  6. The card from your student is something that absolutely validates why you became a teacher. What a nice reminder and good feeling to know you are touching someone's life.

  7. So sweet, you must be an awesome teacher!:)

  8. you sound like a great teacher. I teach prek-7th art and the middle schoolers are my new found favs! Never would have thought!


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