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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guest Post: Spring Cleaning Your Diet

I'm so excited for this guest post today because I played soccer in college with Alissa.  We stumbled across each other's blogs (neither knowing the other had one) and she participates weekly in our Fitness Friday Link-Up.  She is a fountain of health and nutrition knowledge!
P.S. There is still time to sign up for the workout gear giveaway!

Hello readers of Domesticated Working Woman!  Today I have the honor of writing a post for Lindsay.  My name is Alissa MS, RDN and I blog over at iAManRD.  I’m currently working as a registered dietitian nutritionist and love posting about healthy recipes, new foods, and current nutrition trends over at my blog. Today I thought I would share some healthy eating tips to help you all “Spring Clean Your Diet”.  The summer season is approaching, and I know that while cleaning out our closets we also are cleaning out our pantries as well.  Here are some tips that you can put into practice to help your body be fit and healthy for this upcoming summer season.

1) Choose Whole Grains
  • Just because a grain is brown does NOT mean it is a whole grain.
  • Multi-grain and 7-grain breads are NOT always whole grains.
  • Look at the label and make sure the first ingredient is 100% Whole Grain
  • Examples of whole grains include: whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, barley, bulgur, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and rye

2) Choose Lean Sources of Protein
  • Lean beef: choose ones with the least visible fat/marbling or ones with the highest percentage (93/7), examples of lean cuts include top round roast, and top sirloin steak
  • Poultry: take off the skin, and choose the white meat from the breast
  • Fish/Seafood
  • Choose meatless protein sources more often, like beans, tofu, nuts, tempeh, nuts, low-fat dairy

3) Choose Healthier Fats
  • Avoid fats that are solid at room temperature. These tend to be animal fats like bacon, sausage, poultry skin, lard, butter, and whole fat dairy products.
  • Avoid trans-fats, which are vegetable oils that are partially hydrogenated and tend to be found in cookies, donuts, pastries, and crackers.
  • Choose monounsaturated fats found in nuts, olive oil, and canola oil.  These can help to improve cholesterol levels.
  • Choose polyunsaturated fats. These are like omega-3s found in found in fish oil, ground flaxseed, and walnuts, and can help decrease the risk of heart disease

4) Add More Fruits and Vegetables
  • These combined should make up half your of plate at each meal or you should strive for at least 2 ½ cups every day.
  • Variety is key because each color offers different nutrients
  • Low in calories, rich in fiber, and packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Can help reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and type 2 diabetes

5) Cut Back on Foods with Added Sugar and Empty Calories
  • Reduce your intake of sugar sweetened beverages (sodas, energy drinks, fancy coffees like frappuccinos)
  • Cut back on your desserts and try to choose fruit or low-calorie options
  • Reduce the amount of processed food you use, and try to avoid processed foods where you cannot pronounce half of the ingredients or where sugar is the first ingredient on the list.

These are just some suggestions to get you started on “Spring Cleaning” your diet, but check back over at iAManRD for more information and inspiration!  In addition, if you feel like you need more information on your diet or want your own personalized nutrition plan please contact me or another Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  Happy Cleaning!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: Do You.

You guys, I am so blessed to have this beautiful momma-to-be guest posting for me today.  She is such an incredible person and such an inspiration to me.  Thank you, Molly, for sharing your advice on stepping outside the box with us.

Hey y'all! My name is Molly and I blog about fashion, my life, my faith, my dogs, and a whole lot of whatnot over at still being [molly]. I am SO excited to be guest blogging for my sweet friend Lins today! You know, one of the most common questions I get when I tell someone about my blog is: well, what do you blog about? And the answer is always: anything I want. And sometimes, people look at me like I have a third eye. When I started my blog back in 2007 (I don't count my Live Journal... now THAT thing was embarrassing) it was a bunch of my random thoughts on life from a more "comedic" perspective and I would often write about social media. Because you know, social media was new and hip at the time. And as I continued blogging, I often felt trapped - like I could ONLY blog about personal or professional things. And my blog started to suffer because of it. People just kinda stopped reading. And, while I'd still blog even if really no one read it, having readers is fuel for a writer. And yes, bloggers are writers. Well, most are, at least. And so, I just started writing about what I wanted to write about. I didn't care what I THOUGHT I should be writing about. I just started writing from the heart. Whether that was an outfit post, a recipe I recently made, a recap of my weekend, a heartfelt journey to financial freedom - I didn't care. I wrote for me. And suddenly people started reading it again. And more and more people started reading it. And that only fueled me more. And I've continued to keep that mindset. I blog for me. I'm weird, I'm goofy, I'm a total NERD, and I'll never be decked out in all designer duds. I am just fine with Target, Wal-Mart, and Old Navy. Although I do lurve me some J.Crew. Oh how do I lurve me some J.Crew. But that's neither here nor there. I've realized that as I've gotten older and as I've matured (in both my personal AND my professional life), I am much happier when I'm not trying to please everyone else. My innate desire to please everyone around me started hindering my growth. I was being held back - even in my blog. I've realized that when you take an attitude of loving and being confident in what you're doing, whatever it is, and serving others selflessly and gracefully, you'll be a whole lot happier. And people will see that. And they'll be happier. And then it's just a big, old, happy, fun world. A blog world. Real world. Work world. Whatever. You name it. So, if you're a blogger, blog for YOU. Not for others. Your readers will love you for it. They really will.    

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guest Post: Spring Essentials

I just adore the girl behind Head to Toe Chic and my guest poster for today.
Angela and I met through TriFABB and have hung out since.  She is such a sweet person and great shopping buddy!  Recently she has taken on the Whole 30 Challenge and has inspired me to do the same.  Thank you, Angela, for posting while I'm away!
(Sign up for our workout gear giveaway here.)

Hi, I'm Angela from Head to Toe Chic and I'm so happy to be guest posting for Lindsay today! Over at my blog I post about my outfits, items I'm currently craving, and our 8 month old lab makes an appearance every now and then! Lindsay and I are friends in real life, and she is definitely one of the nicest people I know! Thanks for having me on your blog Lindsay!

Today I want to share with you some of my spring essentials! Now if only the weather was actually warm.... On my must have list are mint jeans, a floral dress or skirt, a black and white bag, and a colorful statement necklace. I have almost all of things in my closet already and I can't wait to wear them throughout the season.

What are your spring essentials? I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Post: Making Old New Again

Guys, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that Brooke of What2Wear agreed to do a guest post for me.  She is a fellow member of TriFABB and I have had the privilege of becoming friends with her in real life as well.  She is a Stella&Dot consultant and I just adore her fashion sense.
Brooke, thank you, sweet friend, for posting for me today.

Hello Lindsay's readers!!!! I'm so excited to be guest posting today for this sweet girl! Today I wanted to chat a little bit about how to spice up those pieces in your closet that you've had for years. First let me say that if you love an item and its made out of a quality material and still in good shape then DO NOT get rid of it just because its not "in" at the moment. This cobalt blue jacket has been with me for almost 6 years now and its way more on trend this year than it ever has been. Also, I snagged this maxi skirt for summer last year and then kind of fell out of love with it until I realized it could be jazzed up with an on trend crop top. My point it is try to breathe new life into your items by pairing them with more current pieces and you will see a lot more options with your current wardrobe! To see more from this outfit you can check it out over on my blog here :)

Dont' forget to sign up for our workout gear giveaway here!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Workout Gear && a Giveaway!!

I've realized over time that there are products out there to make working out more comfortable and sustainable in our lives.  There are items I use in my workouts that simply keep me cool, dry, or cushioned throughout my workout, whatever it may be that day.  I've compiled a list of my Top 5 and you have the opportunity to win some of them today!

Workout Gear

1. Sport Band: Even before I had the iPhone, I used an armband for my iPod.  If you are still carrying your phone/iPod while running, you need to invest in one of these.  Freeing up your hands allows you to transition between circuits, HIITs, and run with ease.  It is unnatural to carry something in your hand while you work out (unless its weight.)

2.  Running Socks:  I purchased my first pair of running socks at a half marathon health fair (the day before running the race) and wore them, for the first time, the day of the race.  Wow.  I had never considered these a necessity, but I will say that there is a reason people pay big bucks for them.  They compress and cushion where runners need it most and most are made of wool to wick away the sweat.  Great investment for all runners.

3.  Compression Capris:  I also love compression shorts, but my personal favorite workout attire is the compression capri.  You can spend a lot of money on a pair like these Nike ones or you can hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls and get great pairs for less than $20.  I enjoy them because they compress my legs allowing blood to circulate better and they don't ride up like shorts do when running.

4.  Cooling Towel: You have the opportunity to win one of these this week!  I LOVE this.  My husband got me one for Christmas one year and my girlfriend recently gifted me one for my birthday (which was necessary since my old one was clearly ready to be tossed).  This will help you stay cool when you're out in the heat and they absorb moisture.  Perfect for any outdoor workout: kayaking, hiking, golfing, running, etc.

5.  Running Shoes:  I prefer Mizuno or Aasics for running.  A lot of people swear by Nike.  I've also used Saucony and liked them.  Fact of the matter is you need to invest in a good quality running shoe that is fit for you and is made simply for running.  Do NOT run in cross trainers.  Private sports stores can professionally fit you for the type of shoe you need based on how you land and use your foot as you walk/run, and even places like Dicks Sporting Goods now have a tool in store so you can see what type of shoe you need.  I highly encourage you to get fitted and invest in a good pair.  I paid just over $100 for mine last year and I've just had to replace the insoles because the outer shoe is still in great shape. (And I run a lot.)

Link up your fitness post and register to win our giveaway!!
Honor Courage Commitment

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Healthy Pasta Dish

Healthy Broccoli Pasta Dish

We don't eat a lot of pasta in our house, but this recipe looked so delish I just had to try it; so glad I did!

1 box pasta (I used whole wheat)
2 cans seasoned diced tomatoes
EVOO (olive oil)
1 tsp crushed red pepper
2 cloves garlic
2 heads broccoli
Feta cheese (to taste)

1.  Heat oil in sauce pan.  Add garlic and let cook in oil until brown.
2.  While cooking garlic, cook pasta according to box.
3.  Add tomatoes, crushed red pepper, and any other seasonings you may like to sauce pan.  Heat through.
4.  With about 2-3 minutes left to go, add broccoli to boiling pasta.
5.  Drain pasta.  Toss with sauce.
6.  Top with feta cheese and serve while warm.

(I reheated this dish for leftovers and added some sausage that I cooked in a skillet to change it up a bit.)

Warning: This makes a lot of pasta!

*Special thanks to my girl, Alicia, for sharing the recipe and to Women's Health for sharing healthy entrees.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I don't even know...

I don't even know what to title this post because it is so entirely random.  Perhaps the most random hodge podge I've scripted thus far.  I just feel like this is a great time to use my little bloggity blog as a dumping ground for my brain/heart.  You dig?

Sweater: GAP Outlet, Dress: Pink&Blue boutique, Tights: Target, Boots: Jessica Simpson

I wonder why I like polka dots.  I'm glad after looking at this outfit and this one that they are at least flattering on me.  Don't you just hate it when you love a pattern and its unflattering?

The other day I saw a commercial for the McRib and I just can't even fathom why anyone would be appetized by it.  #sorrynotsorry

One time a friend of a friend said to me, "Ugh you're such a teacher." for wearing a cardigan to a club.  After spring cleaning my drawers last weekend, I totally understand why.  I think I own my weight in cardigans.

Last weekend I took a bunch of items I no longer wear that no longer fit me to Plato's Closet to make a whopping $68 (woop woooooop!!!) and then I took myself right on over to Old Navy and only allowed myself to purchase 2 things necessary for my upcoming trip: shorts and walking shoes.  I have to post this so that in the future I can tell my husbandchildrenmotherinlawparents that yes, indeed, I can work on a budget - I just don't prefer it.

Then I took my other $38 and change over to Whole Foods and blew it on sushi, olives, italian cheese, and moscato.  Priorities.

Confession: I called the boarding place near our house and spent a good 30 minutes renting a "room" for my dogs while I'm on vacation.  Much to the lady's regret, she said I could definitely call as many times as I wanted throughout the day to check on them when I started crying on the phone.

Most mornings I don't brush my hair - I'm going for the "I didn't try" look except I really don't try.

Whenever I watch The New Girl my heart literally pangs for friends like that.  Doesn't yours?

Can we just talk about Danni from The Biggest Loser right now?  HOOOOTTTTT!  I was rooting for her from the get-go because she quickly became the underdog, overcame it, annoyingly (to the other contestants) kept winning challenges, and then boom!  Comes back to the finale as the hottest little, spray tanned thing on 2 legs.

Look at her!  Talk about inspiration!  I'm not knocking any of the other contestants.  I absolutely loved them all - Jackson, Jeff, Francie.  I really did.  Danni just had my heart.  She's gorgeous inside and out.

My husband has been counting down the days on our Pinterest-inspired marker board in the kitchen and we are down to just 3 before vacation!  Can't wait.

To be even more random, let me update you on my March Madness goals:
    Perception Is Everything
  • I have completed 18 of my 30 miles in the 30in30 challenge
  • I was unable to find a Memorial Day half marathon, but I did find a 15k on July 20 which is actually even better.
  • Still working on the blog, but I've been using picmonkey to edit my photos so hopefully you are seeing minor improvements in that - still working on saving for that DSLR.
  • Definitely continuing with clean eating and strength training

pleated poppy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm going to premise this post by saying I absolutely love where I'm at in life.  I love my husband, my job, my home, my pups; I am totally happy here.  However, every once in a while I get hit with a wave of home-sickness and I find myself missing the silliest of things about my family and friends at home!

  • Mom waking me up early in the morning clanging around in the kitchen.
  • Dad's famous sayings:
    • "Drive fast, you know how I worry."
    • "We don't accept phone calls after 9:00."
    • "Yes, Lindsays' home....oh!  You want to talk to her?"
    • "Go play in the road."
  • The view from our picture windows.
  • Brandi bed hopping through the night.
  • Waving at every single car you meet because you know the driver - not just to be polite.
  • Dairy farms
  • The sugar shack across the street
  • Driving around the lake
  • Knowing that any given Friday, the bowling alley will be hopping.
  • The fact that the entire town shows up to the basketball games.
  • Soccer country
  • The crisp, humid-free air
  • Mom asking where I'm going, where I've been, and when I'll be home.
  • Speeding up the mountain
  • Riding the ferry on a choppy lake
  • Walking through Downtown Essex Day
  • The random events my brother and I make each and every night
  • Sandwiches from The Village Meat Market
  • Ubu Ale
  • Walking through the snow in Lake Placid
  • Girl Scout Rd. (only Jessy Poo will know about this one)
  • The room with the circle window at Mimi's
  • Cold Brooke Camp
  • The freezing temperatures and the feet of snow

I hear my students say things like, "I can't wait to get out of here."  I was once that student.  I wished my way out of my town.  All along people told me I would miss it.  They assured me I would be back.  

It's not until you are away that you realize the blessings you had while growing up.  I never noticed the beauty, literally, right outside my window until I moved away and came home to visit.  I never paid attention to the tree line or the lake edge as a teen be-bopping around the Point.  I would get so frustrated with my mom always wanting to know where I was and I took for granted the time I got with both my parents and my brother.

So, even though I'm happy in North Carolina and even though I have no intentions of leaving, I do miss home.  I do get home sick.  I was so blessed to grow up in a beautiful piece of America, with amazing parents, and friends.  I'm so glad I have a place to miss like this. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Those Crazy Kids...

Tales from the Teachers' Lounge

I swear getting to hear the things that come out of kids' mouths is one of the best perks of my job!

A student reading an oral reading passage (for a test):
"The octo-pussys....." 
Instead of octopuses, this is how she pronounced this word.  I'm sorry, I have no idea what she said after that....would you remember?!

A different student reading aloud with his book club:
"Given the circumcision, she decided to....."
And again, I have no idea what he said after that because he said circumcision instead of circumstances!

While reading The Hunger Games:
"This is the first book I've ever liked that doesn't have pictures!"
(what really made me smile was the element of surprise in his voice)

Apparently this day I looked like a Mr.:
"Mr.  I mean Miss."
Me: "Why does everyone keep calling me Mr. today?!" (second time - 2 different classes)
"Well, you have jeans on today and you normally wear skirts."

I figured this one out before they did...
"I think there are fun ways to learn, but I think we learn the hard way."
Remember that post where I shared I had a rough day?  

While looking through a thesaurus (I hope not for the first time!)
"I love these words!!  They're so powerful!"
In an effort to take some credit, we were working on figurative language - score!

Discussing the upcoming half day of school:
"I'm coming with my hair down cuz I'm going back to sleep after."
(...said the boy with spiky gel hair)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fitness Comparison

Maybe you can relate.

I go to the gym.  I look around the room to see how I fit in with everyone else.
I register for a race.  I compare my time to the other people in my age bracket.
I lift weights.  I mentally compute how much less weight I can lift than other women my size.
I sift through Instagram.  I get envious of what other people eat despite their small waist.

I was watching the Biggest Loser the other night and its a catch 22 for me.  I LOVE this show.  (Go Danni!)  While watching, I get this great sense of motivation!  I want to go out and conquer my workout the next day.  But, then sometimes, I also get this sense of defeat.  I worry that one day I may need to have a "come to Jesus meeting" about my weight/health.  I worry that if I let myself go, I will end up in a similar situation.  Am I the only one with these worries?

I am constantly comparing myself to others.  Do you do it too?
I want to wear the clothes they wear.  I want to eat what they eat.  I want to beat their mile time.  I want to lift more weight, work out more days, commit to more races, excel.  I'm a natural competitor so, of course, I want to compete with others.  However, I'm no longer participating in team sports.  There is no competition that I'm up against.

I realize, I need to stop comparing myself to others.
Instead, I need to compare myself to my self!
I can do so many more push-ups today than I could last month.
I can run further than I could last year.
I can lift more weight than I could 2 weeks ago.
It's important to focus on what we can do, not what we can't.

Think about the things you can do today that you could not do in your past.  Make goals to be able to do more next month than you can today.  Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.  Focus on all the things you can do.  A healthy lifestyle is focused on bettering ourselves.

Linking up with Heart Shaped Sweat and The Pink Growl for #30in30 update:
Sunday: 5 mile run
Monday: 1 mile dog walk (I'm not including my walking in my 30in30 - just deliberate runs)
Tuesday: 1 mile run (tight calves), strength and core training
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 1 mile dog walk, 3 mile run (calves still tight)
Friday: 3 mile run, core training
Total Weekly miles: 11 for 16/#30in30

I've run more this week than last!  What have you done this week? Link up below...

Honor Courage Commitment

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Post: Clean Eating Shopping List

Last week on Fitness Friday I shared a guest post from Karly of Clean Eating Survival Guide on a shopping list survival guide for clean eating.  She also shared a detailed list of foods in each category to incorporate into your diet and to stay away from.

Chicken Breast
Turkey breast steaks or mince
Please note: always look in added ingredients – you want the 100% natural turkey breast and mince not the brands with all the added ingredients like sugar, salt etc)
Protein Powder
Eggs or Liquid Egg whites
Canned Tuna
Salmon and Fish
Tofu (Vegan friendly)
Lentils & Chickpeas (Vegetarian friendly)

Proteins to stay away from:
X  Skinned chicken (the skin adds extra fat, you do not need)
X  Bread crumbed Meat
X  Bacon
X  Fatty meats
X  Deli Meats

Soy milk
Laughing cow cheese
Greek Yogurt
Please note: the lower the sugar the better.
Almond/oat/coconut/hemp milk
Plain Non fat Greek Yogurt
Low fat hard cheeses

Fresh Produce
Please note: I have only included a few names of vegetables as almost any veggie is great for you
Green Beans

Healthy Fats 
Nut Butters (almond/pb/cashew)
Olive Oil/Pumpkin Seed oil/coconut oil
Raw nuts

Fats to stay away from: 
 Butter or Margarine
X  Palm oil or Vegetable oil
X  Anything fried

Please note: I have only included a few names of my favorite fruits for you.
Cantaloupe/rock melon

Sweet Potato
Sprouted/gluten free/seeded bread
Brown rice
Coconut/Whole meal/Buckwheat/Oat flour

Carbs to stay away from:
X  Sweets and Junk food
X  Pastries
X  Most Cereals (unless the cereal brands with very low sugar)
X  White bread
X  Fruit Juice

Sugar free Maple syrup (Walden Farms or Queens)
Agave syrup
(A reader suggested raw honey as well)

Condiments & Spices
Salt reduced Soy Sauce
Dijon & normal Mustard
Balsamic Vinegar
Chili Powder
Cinnamon (Great sprinkled on oatmeal)
Apple cider vinegar
Extracts (vanilla,almond etc)

Quest Protein Bars (Can be ordered off iherb.com for non US citizens)
Brown Rice cakes (great paired with cottage cheese as a snack)
Green tea
Psyllium Husk (Great to mix in protein shakes or on top of your cereal for extra fiber intake)
60-70% Dark Chocolate
Cacao Powder
Hummus (for a snack pair carrot sticks and hummus)
 Grapes (frozen makes an amazing snack)

Thank you, Karly, for the plethora of information you've shared with us!  This list makes grocery shopping for clean foods easy!

Below I've shared a visual of your typical daily intake of each food group.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Style Speaks

Cardigan: GAP outlet (similar), Chambray: Old Navy, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Wilson's Leather (old, cute option)

The thing I love most about fashion is that your personal style speaks for you.  Just by looking at a person's wardrobe you can learn so much about them.  I love seeing the way a woman wears something compared to the way I might style the same piece.  I especially love when I come across a magazine or blog that "speaks" to me.  You know...the outfits you can see yourself wearing?

You know your style speaks when you are out shopping with someone and they say, "This looks like you."  You've defined your style.  For me, it's polka dots.  When my friends see polka dots, they think of me.  As I look at my next few outfit posts, I understand why.  I love polka dots.

I also love classic looks with trendy accents.  I like to look put together.  I love layers.  I prefer to wear wedges/boots to any other type of dress shoe.  I tend to gravitate toward jackets and blazers.  I like to mix vintage and new pieces.  I go back and forth between simple jewelry and statement pieces.
What speaks to you?

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I share a style profile with.  (Hopefully I don't offend them by saying that!)
Marionberry Style: I absolutely love this girl's style.  She mixes classics with pops of color and fun patterns.  I love that she keeps traditional outfits looking youthful.
Mix and Match Fashion: I love, love, love Tara's style.  Seriously, I feel like I could wear everything she has in her closet.  If only we lived next door and we could share clothes.  Not just that, she is a teacher, too.  Which just fills my heart with joy.  Absolutely love her pencil skirts, comfy dress shoes, and play with patterns.
Lynette Marie: I just found this sweet girl and I love how she is so open.  She has recently shed quite a bit of weight and shares her struggle with maintaining.  She is presh.

In typical Wednesday random fashion, I have to tell you all that I truly do want to invest more time into this bloggy space.  I swear March has just snuck up on me.  I also have to admit that I've been anxiously awaiting a blog makeover my sweet friend, Vanessa, gifted me after she won, but I'm beginning to think I may not be receiving that prize anymore.  (It was in November.)

So, I do have some goals for this space and I do have a list for the next few months:

  • purchase a DSLR camera and tripod (I realize my photos are poor quality.  I currently cannot help that because I don't have better equipment.  I promise it is in the works.  P.S. If you can make camera suggestions or are looking to sell your DSLR, get at me!)
  • update my look.  I realize its pretty plain and ordinary around these here parts which is something I strive not be evah!
  • add to my shop and enroll in some craft fairs.
  • do what I can to get my name out there and sponsor more of my favorite blogs.
I truly appreciate your readership/patience in the mean time!  You guys rock my little heart out.  I truly feel such joy in knowing you stick around.

pleated poppy

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To-Do to Ta-Da

Perception Is Everything

I feel as though March snuck up on me and now it's getting away from me.
Do you ever feel that way?

I have been a reader of Perception is Everything for some time now and I just love Janna's personality.
I am a planner, a list-maker if you will.  So this was right up my alley!

My To-Do List for March:
Complete the #30in30 challenge with Nikki and Kristine; I've completed 9/30 so far.
If you follow me on instagram, you've seen these already. (domesticatedwwoman)

Find a half marathon to run on Memorial Day weekend
(If you know of any on the east coast, please share, it is important to me that it be that weekend.
More on that later.)

Get my blog together; I won a blog makeover a few months back so I've been waiting for that to happen, but it seems as though it may not be happening anymore??  I guess its on me now!
I want to learn more about html/coding/etc.

Continue eating clean and taking care of my body

Continue my strength/core training

Take time to soak in as much sunshine, peacefulness, and companionship as possible.

Complete the Pinterest Challenge with Merrick and her sisters (I've got some sewing to do!)

I hope to turn my list of To-Dos into a list of Ta-Das!!

What's on your March to-do list?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Read Across America

Tales from the Teachers' Lounge

Last week we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with Read Across America Day.
We had guest readers come in from the community and read us their favorite books.
We wore sweats, and brought in blankets.
We spent the day vegging out with a good book.
The best way to spend a day - especially a rainy one!

Dr. Seuss has some of the best life advice:

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

"You are you - now isn't that pleasant?"

And my personal favorite:
"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies."