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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guest Post: Spring Cleaning Your Diet

I'm so excited for this guest post today because I played soccer in college with Alissa.  We stumbled across each other's blogs (neither knowing the other had one) and she participates weekly in our Fitness Friday Link-Up.  She is a fountain of health and nutrition knowledge!
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Hello readers of Domesticated Working Woman!  Today I have the honor of writing a post for Lindsay.  My name is Alissa MS, RDN and I blog over at iAManRD.  I’m currently working as a registered dietitian nutritionist and love posting about healthy recipes, new foods, and current nutrition trends over at my blog. Today I thought I would share some healthy eating tips to help you all “Spring Clean Your Diet”.  The summer season is approaching, and I know that while cleaning out our closets we also are cleaning out our pantries as well.  Here are some tips that you can put into practice to help your body be fit and healthy for this upcoming summer season.

1) Choose Whole Grains
  • Just because a grain is brown does NOT mean it is a whole grain.
  • Multi-grain and 7-grain breads are NOT always whole grains.
  • Look at the label and make sure the first ingredient is 100% Whole Grain
  • Examples of whole grains include: whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, barley, bulgur, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and rye

2) Choose Lean Sources of Protein
  • Lean beef: choose ones with the least visible fat/marbling or ones with the highest percentage (93/7), examples of lean cuts include top round roast, and top sirloin steak
  • Poultry: take off the skin, and choose the white meat from the breast
  • Fish/Seafood
  • Choose meatless protein sources more often, like beans, tofu, nuts, tempeh, nuts, low-fat dairy

3) Choose Healthier Fats
  • Avoid fats that are solid at room temperature. These tend to be animal fats like bacon, sausage, poultry skin, lard, butter, and whole fat dairy products.
  • Avoid trans-fats, which are vegetable oils that are partially hydrogenated and tend to be found in cookies, donuts, pastries, and crackers.
  • Choose monounsaturated fats found in nuts, olive oil, and canola oil.  These can help to improve cholesterol levels.
  • Choose polyunsaturated fats. These are like omega-3s found in found in fish oil, ground flaxseed, and walnuts, and can help decrease the risk of heart disease

4) Add More Fruits and Vegetables
  • These combined should make up half your of plate at each meal or you should strive for at least 2 ½ cups every day.
  • Variety is key because each color offers different nutrients
  • Low in calories, rich in fiber, and packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Can help reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and type 2 diabetes

5) Cut Back on Foods with Added Sugar and Empty Calories
  • Reduce your intake of sugar sweetened beverages (sodas, energy drinks, fancy coffees like frappuccinos)
  • Cut back on your desserts and try to choose fruit or low-calorie options
  • Reduce the amount of processed food you use, and try to avoid processed foods where you cannot pronounce half of the ingredients or where sugar is the first ingredient on the list.

These are just some suggestions to get you started on “Spring Cleaning” your diet, but check back over at iAManRD for more information and inspiration!  In addition, if you feel like you need more information on your diet or want your own personalized nutrition plan please contact me or another Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  Happy Cleaning!


  1. Great tips! I would love to hear what your thoughts are on whole grains and phytic acid. I have been soaking my grains for a couple years now.

  2. Definitely great advice. We try to stick to meat, fruits, and veggies and anything sweet is usually home-made. Very little packaged food unless it is something gluten free!

  3. I really need to take some of these tips into consideration. xx

  4. Good for you, I can't wait to follow your journey!

    xx Kelly

  5. This is how I strive to eat! It really is the only way to go!

    PS. Has anyone told you that you have captchas/word verification? You should go into your settings and turn it off. It will entice more bloggers to comment!


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