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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm going to premise this post by saying I absolutely love where I'm at in life.  I love my husband, my job, my home, my pups; I am totally happy here.  However, every once in a while I get hit with a wave of home-sickness and I find myself missing the silliest of things about my family and friends at home!

  • Mom waking me up early in the morning clanging around in the kitchen.
  • Dad's famous sayings:
    • "Drive fast, you know how I worry."
    • "We don't accept phone calls after 9:00."
    • "Yes, Lindsays' home....oh!  You want to talk to her?"
    • "Go play in the road."
  • The view from our picture windows.
  • Brandi bed hopping through the night.
  • Waving at every single car you meet because you know the driver - not just to be polite.
  • Dairy farms
  • The sugar shack across the street
  • Driving around the lake
  • Knowing that any given Friday, the bowling alley will be hopping.
  • The fact that the entire town shows up to the basketball games.
  • Soccer country
  • The crisp, humid-free air
  • Mom asking where I'm going, where I've been, and when I'll be home.
  • Speeding up the mountain
  • Riding the ferry on a choppy lake
  • Walking through Downtown Essex Day
  • The random events my brother and I make each and every night
  • Sandwiches from The Village Meat Market
  • Ubu Ale
  • Walking through the snow in Lake Placid
  • Girl Scout Rd. (only Jessy Poo will know about this one)
  • The room with the circle window at Mimi's
  • Cold Brooke Camp
  • The freezing temperatures and the feet of snow

I hear my students say things like, "I can't wait to get out of here."  I was once that student.  I wished my way out of my town.  All along people told me I would miss it.  They assured me I would be back.  

It's not until you are away that you realize the blessings you had while growing up.  I never noticed the beauty, literally, right outside my window until I moved away and came home to visit.  I never paid attention to the tree line or the lake edge as a teen be-bopping around the Point.  I would get so frustrated with my mom always wanting to know where I was and I took for granted the time I got with both my parents and my brother.

So, even though I'm happy in North Carolina and even though I have no intentions of leaving, I do miss home.  I do get home sick.  I was so blessed to grow up in a beautiful piece of America, with amazing parents, and friends.  I'm so glad I have a place to miss like this. 


  1. That sounds like it would be hard not to miss! Sometimes you just can't help it and it is nice that it was a good place with good memories. ;-)
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  2. I still get homesick too....and I don't live near as far away from mine.

  3. I can totally relate, I lived in Chicago for 3 years, and being from CA, that was a huge change! Now, I don't want to ever live in my small hometown every again, I like being at least in the same region. My Mom is only 3 hours away (I wish she was closer) but I think it's normal to feel that nostalgia!

    Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything Blog Hop!

    xo Tori

  4. I absolutely loved this post!

  5. this is so sweet, lins!! i know what you mean. it's hard because i don't have any family left in my hometown so i've had to make north carolina my home. and i love it, but i know exactly what you mean.

  6. Just know that all of us who wished our way out of that town feel the exact same way and deal with the same home sickness! You are not alone! When I moved, people told me "don't worry, you're only a flight away". What they didn't say was how impossible it would be to just get on a flight at any given moment and go!


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