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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I don't even know...

I don't even know what to title this post because it is so entirely random.  Perhaps the most random hodge podge I've scripted thus far.  I just feel like this is a great time to use my little bloggity blog as a dumping ground for my brain/heart.  You dig?

Sweater: GAP Outlet, Dress: Pink&Blue boutique, Tights: Target, Boots: Jessica Simpson

I wonder why I like polka dots.  I'm glad after looking at this outfit and this one that they are at least flattering on me.  Don't you just hate it when you love a pattern and its unflattering?

The other day I saw a commercial for the McRib and I just can't even fathom why anyone would be appetized by it.  #sorrynotsorry

One time a friend of a friend said to me, "Ugh you're such a teacher." for wearing a cardigan to a club.  After spring cleaning my drawers last weekend, I totally understand why.  I think I own my weight in cardigans.

Last weekend I took a bunch of items I no longer wear that no longer fit me to Plato's Closet to make a whopping $68 (woop woooooop!!!) and then I took myself right on over to Old Navy and only allowed myself to purchase 2 things necessary for my upcoming trip: shorts and walking shoes.  I have to post this so that in the future I can tell my husbandchildrenmotherinlawparents that yes, indeed, I can work on a budget - I just don't prefer it.

Then I took my other $38 and change over to Whole Foods and blew it on sushi, olives, italian cheese, and moscato.  Priorities.

Confession: I called the boarding place near our house and spent a good 30 minutes renting a "room" for my dogs while I'm on vacation.  Much to the lady's regret, she said I could definitely call as many times as I wanted throughout the day to check on them when I started crying on the phone.

Most mornings I don't brush my hair - I'm going for the "I didn't try" look except I really don't try.

Whenever I watch The New Girl my heart literally pangs for friends like that.  Doesn't yours?

Can we just talk about Danni from The Biggest Loser right now?  HOOOOTTTTT!  I was rooting for her from the get-go because she quickly became the underdog, overcame it, annoyingly (to the other contestants) kept winning challenges, and then boom!  Comes back to the finale as the hottest little, spray tanned thing on 2 legs.

Look at her!  Talk about inspiration!  I'm not knocking any of the other contestants.  I absolutely loved them all - Jackson, Jeff, Francie.  I really did.  Danni just had my heart.  She's gorgeous inside and out.

My husband has been counting down the days on our Pinterest-inspired marker board in the kitchen and we are down to just 3 before vacation!  Can't wait.

To be even more random, let me update you on my March Madness goals:
    Perception Is Everything
  • I have completed 18 of my 30 miles in the 30in30 challenge
  • I was unable to find a Memorial Day half marathon, but I did find a 15k on July 20 which is actually even better.
  • Still working on the blog, but I've been using picmonkey to edit my photos so hopefully you are seeing minor improvements in that - still working on saving for that DSLR.
  • Definitely continuing with clean eating and strength training

pleated poppy


  1. Yes! Danni is amazing! She looked SO beautiful, I am so happy for her. Such a great show. Oooo so close to vacation, where are you guys headed?!

  2. We are so alike it isn't even funny! I'm so hesitant to leave Howie and he's staying with family while I'm on vacation. Still hurts though.

  3. I don't watch the Biggest Loser but I really need to remember to DVR it. I think it would be great inspiration for me!

  4. Yay have fun on vacay!!! I'm definitely jealous. And I think I need to take some of my clothes to Plato's closet too. Nothing fits anymore which is good and bad.

    and I really like polka dots on you!


  5. Love the polka dots and yes, you talked me into buying that skirt from Target. I can't wait to wear it!

  6. You are doing great with your goals! I love picmonkey, but hate their new membership. Now I use ipiccy and it is FREE. Thanks for linking up, love!


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