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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whole 30: Week 4 Recap

I've done it!  I've completed the challenge!  I am so glad I set out to do this and although I may not have followed it exactly the way it was intended (who can afford grass-fed, organic meat on a teacher's budget?), I learned SO much from this experience!  

Best Part of the Week: Hitting up the 50% off JCrew factory sale and going down a whole size!  I am not back to the size I was when I got married and I'm so excited for it.  This is my "happy" state.

Hardest Part of the Week: There weren't any.  This is the first time I can say this. 

Loving: Being able to distinguish between good and bad foods for my body.

Missing:  Confession: I started incorporating some things back into my diet this week so I guess technically I "cheated," but I made sure to make healthy choices and only allowed myself what I needed.  Remember last week when I said my workouts were becoming more and more difficult?  Well, I quickly realized that I needed to have carbs in my system in order to perform and train for my upcoming races.  So, I started allowing myself some whole grains throughout the week - NOT daily.  I also used some Greek yogurt in my smoothies for the challenge.

I've Noticed: I'm not having cravings, sugar lows, caffeine headaches, or eating out of boredom.

Looking Forward: I'm going to continue following many of the guidelines for Whole 30, but continue to allow grains and dairy into my diet.  I don't want to deny my body the positives that come from those foods if I don't have to.  Since I don't have an allergy to either one, I'm going to limit my portions, but still enjoy the occasional slice of bread and glass of milk.

Eating: Still eating lots of fresh veggies and grilled meats.

The Best Things I Learned from All This:
  • Sugar cravings had taken control of me.  I was eating Nutella daily.  Daily!  I successfully detoxed this from my body and I no longer have cravings.  In fact, I pulled some Easter candy down from the top shelf (where I had hidden it from myself so not to sabotage Whole 30) and thought, "I'll eat one piece. No biggee."  Guys, I spit it out!  It was so nasty - so sugary - and immediately made my tummy hurt.
  • I don't rely on caffeine to keep me going through the day. Sure, there are days when its nice to have a cup of coffee, but I just went approximately 30 days without caffeine.  Therefore, I don't need it.
  • Only eat when hungry.  Just because it's 6:00 doesn't mean I have to eat.
  • Bread is just a filler.  Since my husband wasn't doing Whole 30, I still prepared his meals as I normally would.  Meaning, when we had tacos, he had the shell.  I didn't miss my taco shell at all.  In the future, I will consider whether or not I need that piece of bread.
  • The importance of a breakfast smoothie.  Berries, spinach, fruits all in a blender and taken to go?  Best breakfast ever, low in calories, and exceptionally satisfying.
  • Carbs are necessary when working out consistently.  I work out on average 4-5 days a week.  Cutting out carbs caused my mile run to be 1 minute slower than my normal time.  By only allowing in healthy carbs this week, I cut my mile time down to an average of 9:20 per mile.  Prior to this, it was typically 10:00 per mile.  So not only did I need carbs to get a good time, but by only allowing myself healthy ones, I cut my time back even more!
  • It's true.  Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.  We went to a baseball game this week and there was fried bread dough, kettle corn, dippin dots, everywhere.  My nose wanted me to get all of it, but I knew it wouldn't taste nearly as good as it smelled and I would pay for it later.  I'm so glad I didn't indulge because it wouldn't have been worth it.
Linking up with The Chicken Chick

Monday, April 29, 2013

Optimist's Worst Weekend

If you know me, you know I normally avoid pity parties and practically never throw one for myself.  But, guys, this weekend was seriously the worst!!  Let's see if we can find the silver lining...

My weekend actually started Thursday (heck yeah!) because I took Friday off to work on National Boards from home...

But, Thursday I went for a run and was attacked and bit by a dog.

Luckily, the dog's teeth didn't break my skin
it's up to date on its shots
and I wasn't hurt badly.

Since I got bit, I had to file a police report

Thankfully, the police were understanding
it didn't take much time
and the people were apologetic.

Saturday morning my husband backed into my car, hard.

At least he wasn't hurt
the damage is  mostly cosmetic

Saturday night I attended the Blogger Buzz with Angela and Ashley

My silver lining!
Thankful for time with women that I have a lot in common with 
and for hearing Lauren speak inspiration into our hearts.

On the way home from Blugger Buzz, I could smell oil burning

I was able to pull over 3x on my way home.
We think its just too full now that we put more in it after the "bump" Sat.
Fingers crossed I get a loaner in the mean time.

Sunday, my husband took me out to Indian food and I hit up the JCrew sale at the oulets.

I scored 2 new pencil skirts and a bracelet
for less than 1/2 original price
AND in a size smaller than I was just 5 weeks ago.

As if I'm not a glutton, I stepped on the scale Sunday

I'm down 5.6 pounds since starting Whole 30!

Moral of the Story:
If you look hard enough, there is always a silver lining.

Maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Checking In

I don't have a lot of time to write a post today because I'm at home getting a ton done on my National Boards.  But I wanted to check in and let you all know where I'm at with my miles and the Green Smoothie Challenge.
Me all day long.

This week I have run even more than last week!
Sunday: 4 miles running, 1 with dogs
Monday: 1 with dogs
Tuesday: 3 miles, 1 with dogs
Wednesday: 1 mile
Thursday: 3 miles, 1 with dogs
Friday: 3 miles

Total: 18 for 42 out of my 50!!
*Linking up with Nikki & Kelly for this*

My Favorite
1 banana
1 mango (cut up and frozen)
1-2 cups spinach
3/4 cup skim milk
2 big spoonfuls vanilla Greek yogurt
This made 2 (1 for me and hubby).

What healthy decisions have you made this week?

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Going Green.

Bracelet: Stella&Dot, Skirt: me

I jumped on the juicing bandwagon around Christmas time when my husband hinted that he might possibly like a juicer as a gift.  My eyes lit up and I'm sure he knew exactly what he would be receiving under the tree!  I still really enjoy juicing, but I have quickly realized the high sugar and low fiber that the juice contains.  So, when I saw Kristine and heard of the green smoothie challenge I decided it was time to try my hand at those.

You need to get your mother, sister, sons, and daughters drinking green smoothies!  Seriously, they are the most delish concoctions on Earth and you're getting a serving (or more) of spinach/veggies. I have been drinking mine for breakfast and they keep me satisfied until midmorning when I take my students to lunch.  Not just that, they taste so much better than a typical breakfast.

My favorite concoction so far this week has been banana, mango, spinach, and skim milk.  I've been playing mix-master and trying out my own flavors.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Top: Old Navy, Jeans: GAP (similar), Sandals: Target

I envy those people who can say or do whatever they feel at any given moment and not apologize for being themselves.  Those people who don't think twice about whether or not people like them or if they are being judged.  Are you one of those people?  I wish I could make mistakes without apologies.  I wish I could be me without feeling the need to make excuses for it.   Do you know what I mean?

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day about spring cleaning and just purging in general and we're both kinda the same way...  I mean, I have old dingy t-shirts from high school that I never wear, but won't get rid of because of the nostalgic sentiment they contain.  People, I graduated high school 10 years ago!  I have my reunion this summer for crying out loud!  I have clothes that don't fit me or that I no longer really like, but I wore them to college graduation or to a bridal shower.  I hang onto everything.

It made me think about all the other ways I cling to things.  Not just material things.  I have too many glasses of wine and I go around apologizing to everyone at the party like its my job.  I would never expect anyone else to apologize for the things that I apologize for so why do I force it upon myself?

I'm going to try to stop making excuses for my cookiness.  I want to be me in every situation.  I think I have a lot to offer the world even when I'm making mistakes so, here I am.  In the raw.  After all,

pleated poppy

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whole 30 Recipe: Garlic Buffalo Shrimp

This is a fantastic, easy recipe that everyone loves!  I combined a recipe I learned when I was 14 working in a pizzeria with my own favorite flavors and made it a shrimp dish instead of chicken!

Hot sauce (not Franks)
Butter or ghee
Garlic (fresh or minced)

  1. If necessary, devein and peel shrimp.  Put shrimp on skewers or in grill basket.  Grill until cooked through.  Make sure not to overcook - they will get chewy.
  2. Heat 1-2 T of butter (depends on how many shrimp you are making) to melt.  Put in bowl and add hot sauce.  Amount of hot sauce depends on how hot you want your shrimp.
  3. Mix sauce until well blended.  Chop 2-3 cloves of garlic and add to sauce.  
  4. Once shrimp is fully cooked, add to bowl with sauce.  Toss until completely covered and serve immediately.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Whole 30: Week 3 Recap

Wow!  I'm already 2/3 of the way through Whole 30!  I have to admit, the first week I felt like 30 days was going to last forever, but now that I'm already here, I feel as though they flew by!  I can't wait to share all the things I've learned from this whole process with all of you.  It is definitely a lifestyle change worth making or at least trying out.

Best Part of the Week: The best part of the week was being at a cookout and having my friend's husband say, "Lindsay, you've lost weight!"  I know, I know...this process isn't about losing, but its so nice to know that what I'm doing is working for me.  Not just for the weight thing, but for all of the dietary issues I was having.  

Hardest Part of the Week: I went out to eat with coworkers on Wednesday and I ordered a grilled chicken salad without cheese or croutons, but apparently the waitress didn't hear me.  When she brought out a bed of lettuce topped with chicken salad (with mayo) I cringed.  I had to send it back and get her to bring me the right thing.  I hated it, but I'm glad I wasn't trying to be "nice" and just deal with it.  She was very understanding after I explained I couldn't have the mayonnaise.  

Loving: Still loving those blueberry LARA bars.  I've been snacking on sunflower seeds like a mad woman.

Missing:  Carbs.  I've noticed that my runs are much more laborious and my time is increasing greatly.  I feel like its because I don't have enough energy to burn in the form of carbs.  I want to point out, I'm not missing the flavor or taste of carbs - just the fuel they give me.

I've Noticed: My clothing fits better.  Things had gotten pretty snug around these parts before I decided to do this.  I'm excited to find that they are fitting the way they should now.

Looking Forward: I'm almost done with Whole 30!  I do plan to celebrate with a glass of wine next weekend, but I will definitely not be gorging on sugar and junk.  I have realized its just not worth it.

Eating: I've been purchasing lots of vegetables and fruits from the produce section.  Hubby and I are still grilling.  We ate Chinese food one night and I got the egg drop soup.  
Steamed cabbage, roast with sauteed mushrooms, and tomato slices
I've been really bad about meal planning this week (making this week more difficult than last), but I also had breakfast for dinner one night with bacon, eggs, and fresh fruit.  Excuse the lack of pictures!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Right Reasons

Whether it be to lose weight, fit into a certain pair of pants, or cinch my belt tighter, there has always been some form of motive for my health and fitness regimen.  Doing Whole 30 has really opened my eyes as to how to consider my fitness and my health.  I can honestly say that for the first time, I'm doing this for the right reasons.

There is a reason diets don't work - because we do them for a given amount of time and then we get sick of them.  We throw in the towel and we gorge on everything we've been denying ourselves for so long.  They are not meant to last forever.  They are not lifestyle changes.

Whole 30 is a lifestyle change.  It has opened my eyes to things that I can control within my body. There are foods I can avoid so that I have more energy, rest more easily, and feel better about myself.  I can stop eating whatever I want whenever I want and start thinking about what I'm putting in my mouth.  I'm looking at food as fuel as opposed to reward.  I can't wait to share all the things I've learned when my 30 days are up.  I'm already on day 18 and I can feel differences in so many areas of my life - not just the waistband.

Exercise and diet are just part of a healthy lifestyle.
Focus on mental, emotional, and physical health.

This process is giving me insight into the areas of my life I need to tend to more.  I think so often we get caught up in crazy schedules, saying yes to too many things, and lack of sleep that we don't realize the toll these things take on our body and our mental/emotional stability.  The past 19 days I've been able to focus on me more and I don't feel the least bit selfish about it.  Neither should you!  People always say in order to love someone else we must love ourselves first.  It's the same way with our health!  We can't be expected to take care of others or nurture others if we aren't first doing that for ourselves.

Make sure to stop back by on Monday to see my 3rd week recap of Whole 30; I can't wait to share with you the details of this last week!

I believe in peace, therefore I run for Boston.

As for my miles for the challenge, I've added quite a few:
Sunday: 3 mile Walk for Ray
Monday: 1 mile with the dogs
Tuesday: 1 mile with the dogs
Wednesday: 1 mile with the dogs, 5k run
Thursday: 1 mile with the dogs
Friday: Basketball (at least 2 miles)

Linking up with Nikki for her 30milesinApril challenge as well!

Total: 12 for 31/50milesinapril

How are you doing this week?

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Work Attire

Cardigan: Express (similar), Dress: Marshalls (option, option) , Shoes: Old Navy, Jewelry: Silpada, Kate Spade
(Cardigan: $10, Dress: $13, Shoes: $14)

Fall has always been my favorite season because of the beautiful colors,
but spring is quickly taking over, my friends!
In the past, I had always gravitated toward navy, browns, blacks, and neutrals.
Recently, I've been attracted to brights, neons, and prints.  Oh my!
I love spring because it opens me up to so many possibilities for work.
I love the bright pops of color and summer dresses paired with a cardigan or blazer.
Warm weather and sunshine make getting dressed in the morning that much easier.
What do you like best about spring?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things I'm Not

Cardigan: Old Navy (option), Tee: GAP, Skirt: Thrifted ($3), Shoes: Belk (similar

...pregnant.  I'm not pregnant contrary to what my belly here is trying to communicate.

...booty tooching.  Tyra fans know what I'm talking about - it has a mind of its own, I don't control it.

...counting down the days to summer.  Oh wait, yes I am.

...surprised that Shanna won Wallis US Ambassador!

...wearing close toed shoes to work.  

...embarassed to bare my nakey toes.

I couldn't help but share these pictures because the outfit is so cute and laid back.  I have to admit I seriously thought twice about sharing them though because they aren't the most flattering shots of me.  You can tell by the circles under my eyes exactly why I'm wearing such a cozy outfit to work this day.  There are days that teaching 73 students is exhausting and with spring moving in, kids are cray cray.  So, yes, I'm using them - judge away and yes, I'm tired in this picture.

I have to say that I started reading blogs and writing a blog because of the positive atmosphere and sisterly support I was receiving from so many that I now consider friends.  It hurts my heart to hear of the drama that has taken over blogland and twitter the past few weeks.  I'm not sure what's going on or who is at fault, I just know that a lot of people are hurt because of the comments I'm seeing.  I pray that we can all remember why we started writing and what this platform gives us the power to do and that the negativity and drama may cease.

pleated poppy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Part of Something Bigger

I'm a runner.

I still remember the first half-marathon I ran.  I was so nervous.  I was worried people would look at me and question my abilities.  I was scared I wouldn't finish or I would finish dead last.  It was foreign to me - this running long distances with others thing.  It was out of my comfort zone.

My husband walked me up to the corral and kissed me goodbye.  I reminded him to take pictures.  I asked him to follow me along the route.  I was worried that if I didn't see him I would lose motivation.

After he left and I was standing there all alone, I realized I wasn't alone at all.  In fact, I couldn't have been more surrounded by people just like me.

Standing in that corral I had an emotional, spiritual experience.  Looking around me I saw all these other people dressed in their running attire, all with the same goal in mind.  All with the same desire in their hearts, drive in their souls.  It was amazing to realize that I was part of something so much bigger, so much more grand than anything I had ever been part of before.  Much bigger than anything I had realized I was signing up for.  All these people running for loved ones, for charities, for sport.  In that moment, I realized what a community running is.  

This community, albeit a little crazy, is full of the most gracious, sensitive, hard working, considerate, loyal, diligent, strong, supportive, and uplifting people I have ever met.  That's why when I see the news right now I focus on the people running to help those in need after the explosions.  The people holding each other and carrying one another out of the wreckage are the people I choose to pay homage to.  Running is a community.

I'm praying for the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions, the families, the spectators, the emergency responders, and the people who did this.  I have faith that justice will prevail.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Whole 30: Week 2 Recap

If you missed my recap of Week 1 on Whole 30 you can see it here.  This recap means I am practically half way through with the challenge!  There have been points of weakness where I wanted to throw in the towel like the day 2 of my students got into a fist fight, I literally ran after 4 boys skipping school, and got into a verbal altercation with the cafeteria manager over whether or not us teachers were doing our job once the fight erupted (in the cafeteria) - that day, I was so tempted to forget it all and drink a glass or 3 of wine.  I didn't!  I held strong.  I'm so glad I did.

Best Part of the Week: The best part of the week was realizing that no long do the cupcakes, pastries, and sugary foods I'm seeing on Instagram and Pinterest make me run to my cupboard for my Nutella.  I'm not craving sugar at all really.  

Hardest Part of the Week: I worked from home Friday on my National Boards and I knew it would be tough being in the house all day in front of my computer without snacking.  So I got myself some sunflower seeds - then hubby reminded me that all that salt would bloat me.  Bleh!

Loving: Blueberry muffin Lara bars.  I have liked every Lara bar I've tried, but these are the BOMB.COM.  For reals.  They taste exactly like a blueberry muffin and all ingredients in these bars are natural, gluten free, and dairy free.  Score!

Missing:  Cheese.  I really want to make stuffed portabello mushroom caps.  I'm determined to figure out a way to make them sans cheese.

I've Noticed: I'm having nightmares.  I'm not sure if this has anything to do with Whole 30, but I would love for them to stop.  I woke up twice last night from nightmares - creeps.  Also, I'm consuming too much sugar with all the fruit I'm eating so I need to cut back on that.

Looking Forward: I'm actually considering doing this for another 30 days.  Am I cray-cray?!  I feel so good, I think I just may take another crack at it, this time allowing myself limited milk and cheese.

Eating: I've been enjoying salads and homemade soup for lunch.  I've found several snacks that ease any cravings I may still get.  I enjoy cocoa roasted almonds, dried apricots, and loads of fruit.  Here are some recent meals I've enjoyed:
Baked sweet potato, sirloin with sauteed mushrooms, and corn on the cob

2 fried eggs, 2 sausage patties, a kiwi and some strawberries

Garlic buffalo shrimp and sauteed asparagus

3 egg (no milk) omelette with red and green peppers, salsa, and half a grapefruit

How is your week going?


Friday, April 12, 2013

Angry Health Elf


Since starting Whole 30, I have not allowed myself to measure any area of my body nor have I even glanced toward the scale.  My husband, on the other hand, is partaking in a weight loss competition at work and has been standing on it numerous times a week boasting his weight loss.  I'm so happy for him and somewhere deep inside I just know that it would be that way for me, too, if I were to step up.

I'm all about a healthy lifestyle.  I try to eat good foods, work out each day, and get plenty of rest.  Let's be honest healthy lifestyle doesn't equate diet and body building.  There are a lot of things that play into it.  Sometimes when I'm doing everything "right" I step on that scale and it brings my world crashing down around me.  Do you ever experience that?

It's like The Angry Health Elf hides inside the scale and just when you know you have made progress you step up on it and sure enough, you've gained 3 pounds!  You feel me?  

Honestly, I think half the reason I've been so successful on Whole 30 (see week 1 recap here) is because I haven't weighed myself this whole time.  See, I'm the girl that expects to see and feel results fast.  I want my pants to be instantly looser, the number to decrease, and to have an abundance of energy from the start.  So, I self-sabotage when I notice that the number on the scale isn't going down or perhaps it is fluctuating.  I decide that its not worth restricting myself if I'm not even losing weight so I just start eating whatever I want.  I decide that its not worth spending so much time in the gym or out running if I'm not losing weight, so I stop going as regularly or altogether.  You too?

I'm learning a ton about what I'm going to do after I complete Whole 30 by going through this current experience.  I can't wait to share all of what I'm learning with you once I complete the challenge.  I encourage you to stop focusing on the scale and focus on other forms of result.  If you were never a runner and now you can run a mile, don't worry about how fast it is - celebrate the fact that you can run!  Celebrate each healthy milestone; not just weight loss.

Here's to celebrating my accomplishments for 30milesin30days and 50milesin30days:
Sunday: 3 miles
Monday: 1 miles with the dogs, 3 mile run
Tuesday: 1 miles with the dogs, 3 mile run
Wednesday: 1 miles with the dogs
Thursday: 1 mile with the dogs, core strengthening, arms
Friday: 3 mile run (if weather permits)

Total:12 for 17/50 down!!

Link up any and ALL of your accomplishments below!

Check in on Monday to see my Week 2 Recap for Whole 30!
See Week 1 here.

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment