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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make Your Happy

Did you know that less than 10% of the world's population are models?
And that 100% of what you see in magazines is retouched?

It's true.
All those images we post around our house as goals are hardly, if at all, attainable.
In fact, most aren't even "real."
Just another reason why comparing ourselves to others is totally unhealthy.

I was talking to a coworker yesterday who has had some recent health scares causing her to take a serious look at the way she was treating her body and herself as a whole.  She shared some great insight.  All her life her focus was on work; everything took the back burner to work.  Her health, her relationships, and her sense of self were not important to her.  We celebrated the fact that she is focusing on those things now and is, in a way, discovering herself in her sixties.  Why not discover yourself now and not wait until then?  I know she regrets it, but she is thankful she is doing it now.  I say, better late than never. 

I've seen a few "cleanses" going on around blogland related to contentment and joy.  It's incredible to me to think of all the excess we have in our lives, yet how much we still want.  You know?  I'm guilty. I see another blogger with a cute Kate Spade bag and suddenly I need that bag.  You get it...

Fitness is the same way.  I see women doing yoga and I want to be a yogi.  I see them going to spin class and I start wishing I had a gym membership.  I see them eating paleo diets and I try to convince myself that could be me.  Social media makes it so easy to cheer one another on, but it also makes it so easy to desire what others have or what they've achieved.

There are things I need to realize; not every bag has a place in my closet and not every healthy lifestyle is fit for my life style.  I need to decide what is best for me, at this moment.  I need to make my happy.
Have you ever thought of it like that?  Those things, those are other people's "happies."
So I started thinking about what makes my happy.  I came up with this list.

There are many other things not on the list that make me happy as well, but I think its a good idea to recognize what makes you most happy.  It puts things into perspective.  Note that none of the items on my list are tangible except good food.  What an eye opener!

What makes you happy?  I challenge you: DEFINE YOUR HAPPY.


  1. Everything on your list would be included on my list :)

  2. Found you via a comment on Wifessionals -- i think sometimes we all need a dose of reality check. I do the same thing as you... really good with eating and working out for 2-3 months, and then i go on a 3-4 week binge where my food intake goes to crap...

    appreciate this post!


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