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Monday, May 20, 2013

Crazy Dog Lady

I'm the crazy cat lady of the dog world.  I own it.  I've embraced it.  I understand that I talk about my dogs as if they are children (and in my head it's not "as if they were children," they are actually children) and I'm sure I infuriate mothers everywhere when discussing the equality of love for them with babies and my celebration of Mother's Day for all crazy reasons.

The truth is, these two dogs have my heart.  They are so unconditionally loving.  The way Football's tail wags and Irie groans to be petted just make my heart melt each morning, noon, and night!

They are so quirky.  Which is probably why they both fit exactly into our home and family.  See, we rescued both (one on purpose, one on accident) and I guess there is a reason why we found them they found us.  We were meant for each other! (cue crazy cat lady music now)

We adopted Irie (big black dog) shortly after getting married.  I wanted a running companion and hubby wanted a big dog so we settled on her.  We were told she is a black lab, great dane mix.  However, she is smaller than most black labs.  That worked out to our advantage though because just a few short months after bringing Irie home, my husband found Football stuck in the drain pipe in front of our house.  A few fire trucks, policemen, and belly crawls later, we had another addition to our family!  We named him Football as a joke really...thinking all along that we would find him a home and send him on his way because truly we only had room in our hearts and home for one dog.  Long story short, after 6 weeks, 1 bad night of worms, several baths, and 2 attached companions, we found him a home and I couldn't let him go.  He was one of us.  So, his name is still Football, he no longer has worms, and he and Irie (and I) are inseparable.

It's not shocking that I eat with one on each side of me.  I have plans for their future as big brother and big sister whenever a little human baby joins the fam.  The fun things are their little quirks:

  • Irie carries a blanket around the house like Linus from Peanuts.  She just drags it by the corner and the rest of it trails out of her mouth and behind her.  
  • Football can't stand an empty bowl.  If its empty, he continuously goes to it and knocks it all around the kitchen until someone finally fills it up - he doesn't eat what we put in it, just looks at us with gratefulness in his eyes for finally making it not-empty.
  • Irie has 3 different barks: 1. I will eat your face off if you come one step closer, 2. Mommy, please, pay attention to me, and 3. Hey I'm over here in case you didn't notice!
  • Football likes to sit on your chest.  He also enjoys putting his face right in yours, making eye contact and holding it for minutes on end.
  • Irie stands guard at the bathroom door whenever I'm in there.
  • Football saves the world one squirrel at a time each day when we go for our walk.

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  2. I talk about Howie as if he is my child too! They ARE our babies! I love getting to more about yours!

  3. aw I love your pups!! i talk about Lilly like she's my child too and she definitely has some quirks! Having a dog is seriously the best.


  4. Lol it cracks me up that you have a dog named 'Football'!! I never truly understood what it was like to have a dog until we got Gunner last year. I sure am a believer now and can't imagine my life without his sweet little face.

  5. Lol love it! happy to be following you!!!!



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