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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Modest is Hottest: Dresses

I am a firm believer in less is more.  By less I don't mean less clothing.
I mean less revealing.  It is so hard these days to go shopping for clothing that is not super revealing!
Shorts have a 1 inch inseam, skirts are minis, and even dresses have wide open backs.
In my world, modest is hottest, simple is elegant, and classic is timeless.

So, I've accumulated a list of items that I have or want to add in my closet that would be hot, elegant, and timeless.  I've done my research and put together some pieces at different price points in case any of you are running into the same problem as me.

Today's Pick: Dresses
If you've been around a while, you know I looooove to wear dresses!
When I'm picking dresses I'm typically concerned with neckline and hem length.
Being a teacher, I can't have things popping out that don't need to pop out and if we're being honest, that's not attractive in any environment.  Since I typically buy pieces I can wear for work and play most of my dresses fit the same criteria with a few minor exceptions.

A few things before I share some of my favorites:
1.  I'm in no way knocking any of the cute styles that are currently out there.  I just know what I'm comfortable in and what works for me so I'm sharing it with all of you.
2.  I don't think sleeveless equates im-modest (is that a word?) so some of my choices may not have sleeves.  If I choose to wear those dresses to work, I cover up with a cardigan or sweater.
3.  If and when a dress is see-through, wear a slip.  (Sad, but needs saying)
4.  Bra straps quickly turn anything inappropriate.  Truth, no exceptions.

modest dresses

Forever 21: The only issue I have with Forever 21 is that most of the clothing is junior sizing.  I always order a size up and have the top taken in if necessary when buying a dress.  If not, it's way too short!  Since the prices are so low, a little alteration doesn't break the bank.

eShakti: I LOVE eShakti.  Seriously, if you haven't checked it out you must!  Especially if you are one of those girls that can never find something that fits perfectly because you don't have a one-size-fits-most body.  This site has extremely affordable dresses for all occasions and it lets you pick your own hemline, neckline, sleeves, measurements, etc.  It's like you get to design your own dress and they create it and it arrives on your front stoop!

JCrew: I love classics.  I love pieces that are in my closet for months or years without going out of style.  Everything I have ever purchased from JCrew fits that description.  Their clothing is more expensive, but it is higher quality and always fashionable.

Old Navy: I love that Old Navy sells basic dresses you can style in different ways.  They are always inexpensive and they always have a variety each season.  I especially love that Old Navy has dresses for all occasions including formal and informal.  One of my favorite outfits is a jersey knit ON dress with a denim jacket.

Target: You knew this one would be here!  Almost all of their dresses are <$35 and they are adorable.  I love that Target gives me an affordable way to wear current trends.  Not to mention the clothing always lasts despite the inexpensive price point.  


  1. I am a firm believer that modest is hottest as well!! The yellow striped dress is super cute!

  2. Love them all, especially that cute little striped, cap-sleeved number from Target :)

  3. Love all these looks! I could live in skirts and dresses- so put together but comfy too! Love the Target one especially- go figure!

  4. LOVE all these! I could live in dresses!

  5. I have that striped dress from target :) and i love that blue one!! such a pretty color.


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