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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Showing Appreciation

This week has been National Teacher Appreciation Week.
The amount of appreciation I've received is incredible.
I am so honored by all my students, parents, and total strangers!
Thank you!

However, most of the appreciation has been shown in the form of food.
And it made me realize that I often show myself appreciation in the form of food as well.
Think about it.  Do you?

Chicken biscuits, bagels, cupcakes, free Chic-a-filet sandwiches, BOGO Chipotle...
And, not good food either.  Tasty yes, healthy NO.

I started to think about things that I could use to show my appreciation to others rather than food:

For the neighbor who helped me with my car...
taking their trash to the road on trash day.

For the people who have helped edit my National Boards...
a bouquet of handpicked flowers.

For my husband...
a handwritten love note.

For the friend I cherish...
a card in the mail.

For my parents who rock my world...
movie tickets for a date night.

There are so many ways we can show appreciation for others without shoving bad food in their face.
It's hard to say no to a Panera bagel or mini cupcakes so why even face the temptation?
For me, a simple note or card goes a long way.

To show appreciation for reaching my own goals I'm going to stop rewarding myself with food and junk and start coming up with other forms of appreciation.
Some of the things I have in mind for me:
new workout clothes
new hairstyle
wine tasting
running shoes

How will you show yourself appreciation?


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  2. I love how you are hoping to be more intentional! I am too! I love your ideas for others as well as yourself!

  3. I really do like these non food ideas. Especially the movie tickets...that's a great idea.

  4. You nailed this one! Our parents and bosses showered us with love and appreciation this week, but there was SO MUCH FOOD. While I love food, I definitely want to show my appreciation for others in a different way...

    Great suggestions!


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