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Friday, August 16, 2013

18 weeks

How Far Along: Last Saturday marked 18 weeks

Size of Baby: Mango, 6 inches, 1/2 pound

Weight Gain: 10 pounds 

Stretch Marks: I'm going to say NO instead of "not yet" in hopes that I don't get any! :o)

Maternity Clothes:  Grateful for some cooler weather this week!  I'm almost to the point where I can wear some items that have been given to me by various companies and I'm really excited to be collaborating with For Two Fitness in the near future.

Gender:  We find out August 20th!!  So soon!

Movement:  Yes, baby loves yoga! 

Sleep: Trying so hard to stay on my left side, but I hate it. I'm contemplating investing in a pregnancy pillow or a body pillow.  Any advice?  

Missing:  Certain cheeses - hubby and I love a good cheese platter and glass of wine.  

Loving:  S'more poptarts - refusing to buy them anymore.  I ate a whole box in like 4 days.  Bad news.

Craving:  Nothing in particular, but still loving lemons and vinegar.  My girlfriend hands me her lemon as soon as our waters come out and I usually say lots of lemon so they bring me 3-4 slices for my water.

Feeling: Happy.  Motivated.  Relieved that we finally sold our dining room table, 2 end tables, and my Cricut machine to make room in what was my sewing room for the nursery.  Those were stressing me out.

Looking Forward: 4 days til we find out if we are team bow ties or hair bows!!  

Best Moment(s): Making some new baby items to sell at future craft fairs and having several people place orders and give me fabulous ideas for future projects.  I'm hoping to do a few fairs in the next few months.  

High Fives for Friday

  1. I'm spending my day at Ikea right now with some of the best friends.  Be jealous.  This is just one of the items that will be coming home with me.  Momma needs space for her sewing materials!
  2. Cooler weather and quite possibly a few signs of fall.  I'm not mad.
  3. Purchasing the dresser from Craig's List that I had been lusting over for the nursery!  Can't wait to get the whole nursery together and share it with you all.  I already have a very clear vision.
  4. Finding out that our county and UNCGreensboro are coming together to help us graduate in plenty of time so that we will all receive master's pay!  If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, click here to read about the frustrating new laws passed in our state regarding teacher pay and education in general.
  5. Embracing these last days of summer as I prepare to go back to work on Monday.
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  1. I LOVE Ikea! Hope you find some great buys!! I know I always do! :)

  2. Congrats! You are looking great! Do link up to my new style linky #fashionfriday if you fancy: http://mummysgotstyle.com/modelling-a-mae-necklace-from-stella-dot-your-chance-to-win-it-too/

  3. I'm exciting about fall (it's weather and it's fashion) and I can't wait for you to post pictures of the nursery!!!

  4. You look great! Fun post :)

    Thank you for linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites!

    Lauren xx


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