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Friday, August 30, 2013

20 Week Highlights

How Far Along: Last Saturday marked 20 weeks

Size of Baby: Mango, 10 oz.

Weight Gain: Didn't gain anything this week so still 12 pounds 

Stretch Marks: Nope!

Maternity Clothes:  Loving my Liz Lange maternity jeans and I have a few favorite tee-shirts right now.  I'm sure I will become more creative in the next few weeks since schools is back in session and I will have reason to dress up.

Gender:  Sweet baby boy!

Movement:  Yes.  And I think he sometimes like to play kickball with my kidney!

Sleep: The past week I've slept great!  You know you married a good man when he sleeps on the couch so that you can get a good night rest.  And, no, I didn't ask him to or even kick him (I don't think) out of the bed.  He just did it to be sweet.

Missing:  Wine; I would love a glass of wine after a stressful day of school, but that just can't happen right now.

Loving:  Shopping for Baby G!  Now that I know he is a boy, I can purchase things and get our registry started. I am trying not to buy much knowing we will get a TON of stuff at showers, but it is just fun to know what we are having and be able to buy things.  I did buy him a 6 month summer outfit that will be perfect for when we travel to the Adirondacks next summer and for any breezy summer days we may experience in NC.  After all, you can't avoid a Target clearance rack in the baby section.

Craving:  Lemon. When I go out to eat I say extra lemon for my water and most waiters give me at least 4-5 slices!  Plus my friends give me their slices :o)

Feeling: Loved. Last week was a really hard week for one of my best friends and myself.  Without going into too much detail it was really revealed to me how many people in my life truly love me and care about me as well as the friends I have.  I'm sure I will share more as I feel comfortable, but just knowing that there are so many people in my life praying, loving, and looking out for me and my friends means the world to me.

Looking Forward: I'm excited to register for Baby G.  Thinking maybe we can do that Labor Day.  Also, very excited to be welcoming a new member of our family in at a wedding this weekend.  Love this girl and the man she is marrying and can't wait to be real family.  

Best Moment(s):   My mother in-law and I went to Costco Saturday to grocery shop and she spoiled us rotten.  We also enjoyed a delicious lunch at Panera.  Taking gender reveal photos with my hubby was so fun and I'm so pleased with how they came out.  I set up my trusty tripod and used what little editing skills I have.  I can't wait until I get really good with that thing because I've already done more with it than I thought I could.

Went grocery shopping and saw that those cookies you just throw in the oven had a coupon on them,
so we got peanut butter and chocolate chip.  Yum!

Bought these babies for our sweet baby.  Can't wait for him to wear them next football season!

Also bought Baby G the perfect outfit for summer in the ADK next summer.

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  1. Your pictures are too cute! Love the little shoes and outfit for him!

  2. you look great. staying steady at 12 lbs up. you're healthy!

  3. You look so cute! I craved lemons with my first child! I would drink lemon water all the time!!

  4. what a cute bump photo! love that!
    happy friday!
    xo, sarah grace

  5. Baby boy yay, me too! Love your gender reveal pictures you look so cute! Did you get all registered? That's definitely something that I haven't done yet, probably going to try and do it this weekend! People are starting to ask me and I'm not sure why I'm dragging my feet so much! I guess there's just too many other things to do!!!


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