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Friday, September 6, 2013

21 weeks

I just had to share this picture even though its on Instagram

How Far Along: Last Saturday marked 21 weeks

Size of Baby: Large banana, 10.5 oz.

Weight Gain: 13 lbs

Stretch Marks: Nope!

Maternity Clothes:  Stretchy skirts and dresses are so comfy for work and much cuter than what I wore through the summer.  I'm excited to share some of my outfits with you soon!  The first 2 weeks of school were busy and then there was that whole curveball so I'm looking forward to getting back on track with blogging.

Gender:  Sweet baby boy!

Movement:  Yes.  Lots more than last week even.  He still just feels like butterflies, but I'm feeling them often.  I love it.  

Sleep: The first week of school I wasn't exercising because I was so tired and busy in the evenings, but life is starting to aclimate and I've been back to running and walking every day.  The exercise makes my sleep so much better!  In fact, 2 nights this week I slept through the whole night without even waking up until 5:30, which is before my alarm, but I'll take it!

Missing:  Running further than 3 miles.  Physically I can do it, but I have to use the bathroom before I can make it home so I'm not going that far; that would be awkward!

Loving:  Carter's.  I went to their Labor Day sale last weekend and walked out with almost $200 worth of clothes for babe for less than $50.  We also registered Monday and that was a blast!  Everything is just awesome.  

Craving:  Peanut butter.  I'm eating it with apples for lunch and on whole wheat english muffins for breakfast.  

Feeling: On top of things.  I feel like I've gotten so much done this week between buying Baby G some cute outfits, registering at Babies R U, Target, and Amazon, getting ahead in my grad school readings/assignments, and consistently working out.

Looking Forward: I'm excited to wear my dress from PinkBlush Maternity to a wedding this weekend.  Can't wait to share pictures with you all and host a giveaway for a $25 credit to their shop!  

Best Moment(s):   As exhausting as it was, registering was so much fun!  We picked out everything from strollers to bottles to diapers.  Loved every minute of it.  The most overwhelming part was definitely the bottles.
My sweet friend bought me these adorable outfits on clearance at Old Navy and brought them to me at school yesterday. Love them (and her)!  My favorite is the Say Aloha to my little friend!

Completed a large order for Lulu's Mimi last weekend and delivered them to a proud grandma-to-be on Wednesday.  Making things for other babies is getting my brain in gear about what I'm going to be making for the nursery and what fabrics to use.

Got 3 inches chopped off my hair.  Walked into the salon saying CHOP IT.  Luckily my hairdresser talked me out of it knowing I'm preggo and hormonal and all.  3 inches was much better than the 7 I asked for.

Finally got out there and ran again this week and started walking the dogs again.  The first week of school really kicked my butt, but I've finally balanced my schedule so I can work out consistently again.  Lucky for me because Manda is doing 30 in 30 again.

So far for the month of September I've got 6 miles.

How was your week?!

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  1. You look so radiant! And I'm so glad you are joining us again for 30 in 30!

  2. What adorable outfits!
    Glad you are getting back into the swing of things! I know it can be hard when you're making a baby and working!
    You're doing a great job handling everything and staying active and positive! You're an inspiration girl! :)

  3. Good for your hairdresser for changing your mind...don't ever make BIG hair decisions while pregnant or a few months postpartum. I chopped my hair and regretted until it finally grew back out!! :) Yay for registering...it's all becoming SUPER real, right?

  4. That dress is super cute! I didn't know you were so crafty! Also, I have completely stopped all exercise and can't seem to get my butt in gear even though I know it's good for me. Maybe with the nice weather I could at least trade in the oreo's for a walk.

  5. You're so cute! I'm also glad you didn't chop off all your hair and regret it.

  6. Your little bump is the cutest!!! How exciting! :) I loved registering for our wedding, I'm sure it's so fun registering for baby, too. There's just so many cute things! Your hair looks amazing. Love it!

    Thanks for linking up with me, girly!


  7. You are one of those people that get even prettier when they are pregnant! Just glowing!


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