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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reset Button

sometimes you need to take a moment in your life and hit "RESET"
things pile up and weigh on you and it becomes difficult to realize all the good.

sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to notice all the small awesome things taking place around us.  it's easy to watch the news, read the paper, or listen to coworkers and fall into the crab pot.
you know the one.  here you are making progress, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and then a coworker or colleague or friend or whoever comes up and starts tugging you back.

so we need to reset.  reestablish our goals, realign priorities, revisit old dreams, and remind ourselves of what is truly important.   i urge you, hit your reset button and take off!

once in a while we slip for a day, a week, or more...
and resetting gets us back on track.  i know for me my personal health and eating choices are something i struggle with at times and it's no secret that the past 2-3 weeks i've allowed pregnancy to be an excuse to eat whatever i wanted or craved at that moment.

yes.  i've been very concerned with weight gain.
yes.  i've continued running and exercising (not as much though).
yes.  i'm still making healthy choices.

i've also made a lot of bad choices like 2 bowls of ice cream in one evening or 6 oreos and a cup of milk after every meal.  how about the nights i just put my feet up, let the housework go, never thought twice about a run/walk and watched homeland on demand for hours with my husband?

so, i've hit reset.  i'm starting over this week.
luckily, my 2-3 week rock bottom won't break me and i can get back on track.
so can you.


  1. I SO needed to read this today! It applies differently in my life, but the principle is something I needed to hear!

  2. I feel like a schlub after reading this, I have definitely let certain things go. I've been so lazy and tires lately. I def need to hit reset.

  3. Ah! I just wrote out a looong comment and it dissapeared! Pretty much, I'm with u and after my dr appointment yesterday, I had to have a real talk with myself about getting back on track with my diet and excercise. I hit restart this morning ;) good workout and so far so good with food. Although... I really could go for a cookie right now haha

  4. Your body is doing what it needs to do for the baby--don't get so hung up on numbers!! Just keep eating your veggies/fruit and enjoy a cookie or two. You won't be prego forever, and you WILL get your body back. I am living proof haha! Remember, I gained 65 lbs, and most importantly? I have a healthy baby. That's all you can ask for. Stay strong mama!! Do some yoga xo


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