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Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Weeks

How Far Along: Last Saturday marked 30 weeks

Size of Baby: Approx 3.5 pounds

Weight Gain: 28 lbs 

Stretch Marks: Nope!

Maternity Clothes:  Practically everything at this point is maternity.  Funny story: I attended the NC Blogger Buzz in Raleigh Friday night at Vestique.  Of course I fell in love with a top and thought I would treat myself to it for after baby.  I decided to go in the fitting room and try it on the top half of my body to make sure it would fit after (warning: blatant honesty to follow) considering at least 2 pounds if not more of my weight gain is currently sitting on that part of my body.  Ha!  What a laugh.  Who knows what size I will wear after baby considering the size of those suckers.  Unfortunately, I left without the top, but I will definitely order it once I can figure out the proper size!  Almost had to ask for assistance to remove it while in the dressing room!

Gender:  Sweet baby boy!

Movement:  He rests for long periods of time, but then I feel him a lot in between his rest.

Sleep: Sleeping better than I have been, but always feeling slightly tired.

Missing:  Wine.  Particularly Chianti and the seasonal wines from Duplin.  And probably because I couldn't sample any of the new ones while at the Holiday Market Saturday.

Loving:    The cooler weather that the the north has brought in.  It's right up my alley and puts me in the holiday spirit instantly.  

Craving:   Not too much now. Still loving a cup of cocoa with marshmallows and I finally got my caramel apple.

Feeling: Happy and starting to relax now that we are making headway on the nursery.  It's starting to come together.  Excited for the holiday season.

Looking Forward: Getting the fabric in I ordered for the crib bedding so I can start working on that.  Also excited for our family shower this Saturday!  

Best Moment(s):   Sunday we put together the rocking chair and foot stool for the nursery.  I organized the baby clothes we have into what he can wear the first 6 months and the last 6 months of his first year.  I got my fabric in a bin and organized my maternity clothes (didn't realize how many I had acquired) into bins as well.  We just realized if he decides to make his appearance early, we are ready minus a few essentials that we hope to get at showers, but if nothing else - daddy will go  get a carseat and stroller while I'm at the hospital.  Yay!

I won this incredible scarf at the NC Blog Buzz Friday night. 

I finally got Lulu's Mimi up and running on Facebook.
Please, go like my page!

Just another item you can purchase at Lulu's Mimi

These darling little insoles are saving my feet when I walk/jog!


  1. You are just too cute! And I love that you were honest about missing wine!

  2. You are such a stylish pregs lady, you look lovely!



  3. I will definitely be ordering some burp cloths from you! They are too adorable!

    10 more weeks!! WOOT WOOT!! :)

  4. Love the update and your booties!

  5. Yep….daddy can always run out and get whatever baby boy needs if you don't get it on time. I can't believe you're already 30 weeks!!!

  6. PS. So excited about your shop!!


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