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Monday, November 18, 2013

LillyBean Giveaway

I'm really excited to have let Rebecca of LillyBean take over my blog for the day for a few reasons.
1. We went to the same high school in the same small town and it's so exciting for me to see someone else doing what they love, being creative, and flourishing from where we came from.  2. She is a mom to 2 beautiful little girls and I love supporting moms who maintain that sense of self with creative outlets.  3. Her products are awesome.  I own them and love them and I think you will feel the same way.  Read more about her vision below and sign up to win a hat of choice!


Hi there! I am Rebecca Jones of LillyBean and so excited to be a guest of Lindsay’s blog! Isn’t she just the cutest little prego you have ever seen?!?! Lindsay has asked me to tell you all a bit about my little business, and I promise, if you read it, there is a…wait for it…SPECTACULAR GIVEAWAY!

Here goes!

I am a stay at home Mama of 3 year old twin girlies. I start with this statement because they are the most important part of me and a huge inspiration for everything that comes out of LillyBean. In fact, if it were not for my girls, I am not sure that my business would even exist outside of my own head.

When I graduated from High School, it seemed natural to pursue Fine Art. I loved it, I mean seriously, who wouldn’t love painting and drawing instead of writing a paper?? However, there was always a bit of an inner struggle inside of me…what am I going to do with this piece??

I am a very practical person. I am also very thrifty. (Thrifty is so much more flattering than cheap, don’t you agree?) So when it came to making something, I always felt it had to serve a purpose. That’s a big NO-NO in art school. That would be considered a craft (gasp!)

But I like crafting, what is so wrong with that?? (this is said in my best whiney voice btw)

Anyway….I finished art school and married. I became an Academic Coordinator with a program for at-risk teens. Yes, I know, absolutely nothing to do with art. I liked it but never felt it was the end all be all of careers for me. Then we began the baby making process and we were blessed with twins. We decided (in the waiting room after the ultrasound) that I would become a stay at home Mom.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BEING A MOM, but I also love me too and seriously missed being creative and having something for myself. I needed an outlet outside of changing diapers and cleaning up vomit and rocking my babes to sleep. A friend of mine was expecting a baby and rather than hitting up her baby registry like every good friend does, I decided to make her gift. I made her daughter monthly banner for the nursery that she could use to hang monthly photos. I also made some hair bows, my first shot at them. Everyone at the shower gushed and some even cried because it was so beautiful (just kidding about the crying part, though that is how I like to sometimes remember it in my head.)

I was contacted by two people after the shower to make more goodies…OMG, OMG. This was SUPER exciting to me because I felt that I might just be on to something! It started to snowball…..

I needed a business name and it was time to make a real go at this. My daughters’ names are Lillian (Lilly) and Stella. From birth we started calling Ms. Stella “Stella Bean” (like a jelly bean, get it?) It just seemed natural to name by little business LillyBean.

I grew up going to craft fairs and as small time as it seems, I always dreamed of one day having all of my creations on display for others to buy (and cherish forever and ever and ever.)

My mother gave me the push I needed to sign up for my first craft fair. And by push, I of course mean endless moral support, oh and a little financial backing hehe. I seriously underestimated how much work it would be to create a good inventory. I crafted during naptime and after bedtime. My mom drove 4 hours to help me out with my first show and an addiction was created! I made a bunch of money and was HOOKED!

I started with hair bows and have just let it evolve.  My hottest items at the moment as the weather gets cool are my crochet hats.  I started them last fall and they have become more and more popular. 

And now we are to the point of my GIVEAWAY! 

I will make one lucky winner a hat of their choice.  You will just need to pick out your color combo.  These are for children and adults!

And I ship anywhere, so put your thinking caps on for holiday gift ideas!  Terrible pun, sadly intended.  I LOVE doing custom orders, so message me on FB or email me at  lillybeanjones@gmail.com; let's make something together!

Is her shop not adorable?!
I love everything about it: the special meaning behind the name, the products she carries,
and her heart for crafting.  I wish you luck!  What a great Christmas gift a nice crocheted hat would make for anyone...even yourself!


  1. What a fun giveaway! I think I especially like this cuz of the little man coming soon! :) :)

  2. The kids are adorable. THanks for sharing these pictures with us.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  3. Awww... These are so adorable! She did a fantastic job on these. Best of luck everyone! One of us will be truly blessed.

  4. I love this!! The hats are so fun!



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