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Monday, January 20, 2014

1 Month Musts for Mom and Baby

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I thought I would share the things that I've found to be most beneficial for me and baby the first month he's been home with us.  I've seen these lists before, but I wanted to add must-haves for mommy as well.  After all, we need to take care of ourselves, too!

1 month mommy

1.  iPhone: I use the app, BabyCare, to document everything CT does throughout the day from dirty and wet diapers to his nursing and sleep schedule.  It is so nice to be able to look back at what he has done throughout the day especially when the pediatrician asks.

2.  Anti-bacterial Hand Lotion and Lip Butter: Breast feeding is dehydrating - must stay moisturized.

3.  Sweats: I'm living in yoga pants and soft hoodies.  I love these from Old Navy because they are soft and easy to maneuver for quick access for CT.

4.  Tervis Tumbler: It is essential to keep hydrated!

5.  Mother's Milk Tea: There are so many benefits to drinking this tea for breast feeding mothers.  It helps milk come in and maintains a healthy supply.  It's also nice to have tea to drink while breastfeeding - I find it relaxing.

baby 1 month

1.  Boppy: CT only weighed 5 pounds when we brought him home, but holding 5 pounds while nursing for extended periods of time starts to wear on you.  This makes it comfortable to nurse, hold him, and lay him in our laps.

2.  Gripe Water: This is an all natural way to tackle gassiness.  It is safe for newborns.  I just put a little on his paci and let him suck it off when necessary.

3.  Flannel Blankets: I ended up going out and buying more of these.  They get peed and spit up on all the time.  I use them to swaddle, cover him up while changing him, wipe his mouth, and as an impromptu changing pad.  They are so versatile - you can't have enough.

4.  Swaddler: CT loves to be swaddled.  These are a lot easier and hold up better throughout the night than a blanket.

5.  Nighttime lotion: Baby skin gets so dry and starts to shed the first few weeks.  I use this on him after baths and before bedtime.  I put extra on his feet and then keep socks on him.

6.  Chicco Pack-n-Play: This has been a Godsend!  Thankfully we got this the week before CT surprised us.  It has a mobile attachment as well as a changing table attachment.  It is the only changing table we have at the moment (and the only one we need) and CT is currently sleeping in this at the end of our bed.  So thankful we had this before he came.

What are your 1 month must-haves?


  1. Love that tervis design. Mine melted in the dishwasher and i can't put the cap on it anymore, so may need to invest in a new one soon!

  2. I love the eos lip balms and already have on my list for the hospital since it's so dry in there and I keep one in my purse. I still have a few odds and ends to get for baby girl but I will def add some of those flannel blankets to the list.

  3. Cohosting #fundaymonday and thought I'd stop by! I definitely did not need that tea when I was breastfeeding. I think my body thought I had twins or something! The boppy pillow was the best, and I love the smell of the smell of the J&J nighttime lotion!
    Eva @ evamarietaylor.com

  4. I love that tumblr! and I had no idea that they made tea for that, that's so amazing!


  5. The comfy mommy clothes and boppy are MUSTS!!! Those are my top things right now as well. I LOVE my boppy and use it all the time! Blankets are huge, and if I pump and feed my baby with a bottle I really like to use a bib instead of a burp rag cuz it stays in place better.


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