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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This last week I've had a few people make snide comments about how close to 30 I am.
It's as if turning 29 is the onset of an "early-life crisis" and 30 is the end of the world.
I've never been one to really begrudge turning a year older and this year is no different.
If I stop and think of how blessed I am in my 29 years, how could I worry about 30?

In honor of my 29th birthday, I came up with 29 blessings I've received in the last 4 years:

1.  Meeting and marrying the man I love.
2.  Going on the most memorable honeymoon.  (Swimming with dolphins!)
3.  Adopting 2 of the sweetest puppies by chance.
4.  Earning my master's degree for free in an area I am truly passionate about.
5.  Becoming friends with my parents.
6.  Growing closer than ever to my brother.
7.  Traveling.  Jamaica, Bahamas, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Boston, etc.
8.  Running 2 half marathons, training for a third, and signing up (soon) for my fourth.
9.  Finding out we were pregnant.
10.  Having a healthy and active pregnancy.
11.  Delivering a healthy baby boy regardless of the fact that he came early.
12. Being a mom.
13. Purchasing and paying off my first brand new car.
14. Completing my National Boards and not giving up on that dream.
15. Becoming friends with my mother in-law.
16. Spending quality time with my Mimi and Papa Harry.
17. Establishing myself as a seamstress and starting Lulu's Mimi.
18. Starting this blog: the friendships and opportunities it has brought me.
19. Completing my Master's in time to be home with baby and earn master's pay.
20. Amazing friends that have been there for me in so many ways.
21. The family I married into.
22. Visiting my hometown and spending quality time with mom and dad just 1 on 1.
23. The ability to have summers off (since marriage).
24. My overall health and well being.
25. The health and well being of my family and friends.
26. The students who have come into my life and truly touched it. (and the ones that keep in touch)
27. A warm, inviting home to live in stocked with good food, and filled with love.
28. Working for a principal that encourages me, believe in me, and creates a positive work environment.
29. All of you!  Thank you for spending time out of your day with me and loving me through it all!

I've already been blessed with the best birthday present I could have ever asked for.
Tonight, I'm looking forward to snuggling up with my little family.


  1. It always makes me laugh when people flip out about age. I mean, did people not tell them that in life, everyone turns a year older every year? Including them?! What an amazing list of great things in your life. You are so blessed sweet friend.

  2. You have so much to be thankful for... and people are so weird about being "30". Who cares. If it makes you feel any better, most people I know say they loved their 30's way more then their 20's. Love ya girl!

  3. This is such a great exercise- I love it! Really helps you see your blessings- I will have to try this!

  4. I LOVE this list!!! Happy birthday sweetheart!

  5. What a great year for you! I'm 29 and no where near as settled in my life as you are. Being 30 is a scary thing for me, but it's silly really. Happy Birthday girl!

  6. Is today your actual birthday??!?!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    I really love this list...and so agree about becoming friends with your parents.

  7. You're 29 and looking fine! Keep counting your blessings! :)


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