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Friday, January 17, 2014

Moments in the week of a Mom | 1

I realized last week that the majority of my weekly highlights involve mommy moments so I figured I would embrace it and start a Friday series specifically for them.

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It was warm enough to bundle CT up on Monday and take him for a walk.  Now I just need to send a petition around my town to get the sidewalks fixed!!

Poor picture quality, but Tuesday night marked CT's first snowfall!!  Obviously we couldn't go out and play in it, but we did watch the dogs.  

I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings since roughly 25 weeks pregnant due to swelling.  I have tried them on every single day since CT was born and they finally fit yesterday!!  I missed them.

I was struggling with feeling so disconnected each time I closed the nursery door to nurse or pump, but we are trying to keep the dogs out of the nursery (mainly because of cleanliness - they love the baby).  So, I purchased a self-closing baby gate and installed it myself!  It keeps the pups out much to Football's dismay and we can still close the door when we have company.  This makes me feel better about transitioning CT to his crib soon, too.

I saw this floating around Facebook and thought it was perfect.  

Hope your week was as good as mine!  Linking up for H54F


  1. He is too precious! Football looks so sad, but luckily he's only temporarily blocked off from mommy and brother!

  2. Love sweet baby moments! :)
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Love the baby gate! That is a great idea for keeping pets out of the room. We're having trouble with our cats in our baby's room. I mostly just keep the door shut all day, which I find annoying even when baby isn't in there.


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