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Monday, February 24, 2014

Post Partum Honesty

2 months.

It's been 2 months since I gave birth and I find myself listing all the things that I'm still not.
Do you know what I mean?

Like, I'm not
fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes.
back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
running each day like I said I would.
working out as often as I would like.
comfortable in my own skin.


Even I think it sounds crazy that I have these expectations of myself.  I mean, 2 months ago I gave birth.  A human being grew inside me and then I pushed him out!  And here I am focusing on all the things I can't do right now?!  I just got done doing something pretty freakin' amazing.

But it's hard.  It's hard when you have expectations and you don't meet them.  It's hard when you see other people leave the hospital looking like they'd never gotten pregnant in the first place.  It's hard when you waited so long to buy normal clothes and all you want to do is wear something without a stretchy band and you're just not there yet.

One thing I promised myself when I started this journey was that I would be honest about what I was experiencing.  And this is it.  It's a struggle.  Others make it look easy and its not always easy.  For some it comes quickly and for others it takes time.

And, it's okay.

I'm going to keep walking and eventually I will be able to run.
I'm going to keep making healthy choices and avoiding the Oreo aisle.
I'm going to purchase some clothes I feel confident in and arrange my closet so I don't dread visiting it.
I'm going to give myself some grace and understanding because I just did something pretty amazing and I deserve a break while I come back from what my body did.

And it's only been 2 months.


  1. You WILL get there. It just takes time. You bought some cute stuff when we went shopping and it is stuff that you can wear now and later on. Like you said, you have to give yourself some grace and understanding. You're body will tell you when it is ready to be badass Lins again! :o) Love you!

  2. I just wanted to shake you when I first started reading this! Yes you just pushed out a human! But...I get it. It is hard. I am a perfectionist so I tend to only focus on the things I am not, or what I didn't get done today, or things that I didn't do well. We have to stop this. Let's start thinking about all of the things we ARE and all of the things that we did get done today. We are not perfect but we are pretty amazing. :0)

  3. You'll get there!! You are doing so many things and it's impossible to do it all! I know exactly how you feel. It's a huge adjustment!

  4. Lins, I think that you look great but I appreciate your honesty. We all have those feelings just keep taking small steps and you will get there!

    Love ya girl!


  5. YES! This post is so honest and true. Thanks for sharing! The first couple months after having a baby are HARD! I don't think we give new moms enough credit! I bet you're doing awesome! I'm co-hosting the linkup, thanks for joining in!

  6. Thanks for such an honest post!!!! Those first few months are hard, but love your positive outlook!!!! And look at that sweet baby you got out of it!!!! :). Keep it up, mama!!


  7. The clothes not fitting is a huge thing for me! I've had to make myself new skirts in the size up from what I was used to wearing before pregnancy. I am planning on going through my closet because there are some things I KNOW won't ever fit me again, and then there's still plenty that will fit once I put a little work into my body again.


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