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Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 Month Must Haves for Mommy and Baby

3 month mommy must haves

Nursing Pads: I prefer the reusable ones, but they are a total necessity.  I can't even fathom the humiliation if I forgot to wear these one day.

Shark Rocket Vacuum: We put a rug down in the nursery so I needed a vacuum.  My MIL let me pick one while at Target one day and we settled on this.  Hands down, best vacuum ever.  I use it in the entire house (hard woods) instead of sweeping.  It gets all the dog hair!

Target Tees: Thanks to breastfeeding practically none of my tops fit me so I had to purchase some.  These are inexpensive, hold a flattering shape, and are pretty baby friendly as far as spit-up goes.

Hand Pump: I never thought I would use one of these as they seem to be a lot of labor, but conveniently, I forgot the flanges for my pump when we went to the mountains last weekend and Walmart didn't carry them.  But, it did carry this hand pump for $20.  It was a life saver.  It worked very efficiently and I counted my pump time toward my minutes for our fitness challenge at school.  It's a great forearm workout!

3 month musts for baby

Fisher Price Seahorse: This thing is a life saver.  We just put CT in his crib, push the tummy and within 5 minutes the music is off and he is out.  There have been some concerns, but based on my research all possible recalls have been taken care of by the company.

Desitin: The classic fanny cream.  We put this on CT at every diaper change and he hasn't had diaper rash in almost two months.  At one point, we battled it hard and tried all the different creams.  This one takes the cake for us.

Carseat Canopy: I made my own and this thing is the best!  It keeps him warm, dry, protected from the wind...  So much easier than throwing a blanket over the infant carrier.

Bedtime Lotion: This is more calming and soothing than the typical lotion.  As I prep to go back to work, I'm trying to establish a nighttime routine and bathtime is part of it.  This lotion helps ease CT into bedtime.

Anything you or your baby can't live without after 3 months? 

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