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Friday, April 18, 2014

4 Month Must Haves for Mommy and Baby

4 month mommy must haves

4 month mommy must haves by coachgaines featuring New Balance

Freezer Bags: I am just now at a point where I can start freezing a surplus of milk.  I'm actually using Target brand bags and they work fantastic in my Milkies freezer.

Sneakers: I just bought this pair and they are so comfy.  I love that they are bright and cheerful, too.

Tula: I can't say enough about this baby carrier.  It is so comfortable and easy to use.  Carson loves being worn and it lets me be hands-free around the house or out in public.  It is was a saving grace while traveling to New York.

Retro Metro foldover bag by Thirty-One: I bought this on a whim when my friend offered up her half-price deal.  Wow.  I am so pleased with it.  It is much bigger than the picture alludes to (in a good way) and has pockets on the outside and inside.  I was able to put wipes and bottles on the outside, my iPad and Kindle on the inside, and use it as my carry-on and diaper bag while in New York.  It is going to get soooo much use.

4 month must haves for baby

4 month must haves for baby by coachgaines on Polyvore

Lullaby CD: Music is the greatest pacifier for Carson.  If he starts fussing I just play some lullabies and he instantly soothes and becomes quiet or falls asleep.  I keep them in the car and at the house.

Short Creepers: It's starting to get hot in the south so these have been perfect.  They are easy to wash and are much more comfortable than sleepers in the warmer months.

Bibs with vinyl backing: Carson is starting to drool.  A lot.  These keep him semi-dry.  (Planning to purchase one of these and see how they help with the situation.)

Blanket:  We call this his "wubby" because our neighbor (also his sitter) gave it to him and that's what her grandchildren called their's.  He loves this.  Seriously, hangs onto it all day long and rubs it on his face.  I have a feeling this is going to be his personal favorite.

What are your 4 month must haves?


  1. That little baby carrier is too cute. I've seem some hideous ones over the years. I'm glad they are finally making cute ones!

  2. the blanket is super cuteee! love your list <3

    Letters To Juliet

  3. I didn't know NUK had freezer milk storage bags. Awesome! The only ones I've ever found were lansinoh (walmart).

    1. I use NUK bottles which is why this was so exciting to see.


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