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Monday, April 21, 2014

4 months

Dear Carson,

If I could bottle up this swollen loving feeling I have for you and sell it, I would be a millionaire.  You are the greatest joy.  Each day Daddy and I see you growing and our hearts just runneth over with love for you.  Your smile is single-handedly the best part of our day.

You are starting to communicate with us and you get so frustrated when we don't know what you are trying to say.  You use your body and noises to let us know when you want to go to bed and when you are through eating.  You're just itching to be mobile.  I can see it in your face that you want to go go go. We don't mind if you slow down on that one - we want to keep you our sweet little cherub baby as long as possible.  

People still can't decide who you look like.  50% say Daddy, 50% say Mommy.  We think you have the best of both of us: your Daddy's mouth and nose and Mommy's eyes and hair.  

I'm starting to see your personality shine through.  I think you are going to be an independent, problem solver.  You like to go to bed awake and if you stir in the middle of the night, you just find your thumb (you prefer your left) and pacify yourself back to sleep.  You love music especially lullabies and Disney songs.  Thankfully you're also a fan of The Avett Brothers and Jack Johnson since Mommy and Daddy like them.  You are determined and inquisitive.  You are so lovable and snuggly.

I love you, bubby.  More than I ever thought physically possible.

4 Month Update
Weight:  15 pounds
Length:  inches
Nicknames: The Milkman, Milk Monster, CT, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Bubby, Monster, Buddy Boy
Sleep: We can count on you sleeping through the night at this point.  You generally go to bed around 8:00 and wake up around 6:30 a.m.
Eating: Every 3-4 hours, 6 oz. at a time.  We introduced you to cereal for the first time last week and although the spoon is a little frustrating for you, you love the cereal!  And it keeps you full so you are napping better during the day.
Clothing: 3 months

  • Snuggling
  • Your Fisher Price Seahorse
  • Laying on Mommy or Daddy's belly
  • Bath time
  • Riding in the car
  • Walks/Runs with Mommy
  • Your changing pad
  • Your "wubby" aka elephant blankie
  • Lotion massages
  • Being hungry
  • (You're pretty much the happiest baby ever so you don't dislike much at this point.)
Exciting Moments:
You tried cereal for the first time
You started making motor noises with your lips

You are reaching for things and shaking them around (you really like to tug the wipe off while I'm changing you and wave it around)
You are splashing like crazy with your hands and feet in the tub
You got to meet Stacey, Kenny, and baby Cane (You shared the same due date with Cane, but since you came early you are almost exactly 1 month older than him - you will probably be in school together.) and Hannah, Barrett and baby Baiden (another potential future classmate)
You flew for the first time on your 4 month birthdate to meet family in NY and see Uncle Josh, Grandma, and Grandpa and so many other people that love you (You were a rockstar by the way.)
Momma's Milestones:
I signed us up for our first 5k on May 3rd

I am starting to fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants
I lost 5 pounds and purchased myself a pair of sneakers to celebrate

Look how much you've changed in 4 months...


  1. I love seeing how he has grown! SO glad i got to meet Carson and see you on Friday! :)


  2. Whoa is that sleeping 8pm to 630am straight?! No wake up feedings??!!


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