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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Wednesday Coffee Date

If we were to sit down for coffee today I would most definitely be drinking out of this travel mug.  I wash it every evening and carry it to work every morning.  If I can't be with my sweet babe, at least I can have all these pictures with me wherever I go.

I would probably have at least 2 cups.  It's become the standard for me.

I would tell you that leaving my baby at the sitter every morning hasn't gotten easier.  And when 3:00 rolls around, I bound out the door as fast as possible to get home and see his smile.

I would also admit that CT's nap schedule makes me nervous.  He still isn't totally adjusted to being with the sitter all day and there are days when he just doesn't nap at all for her.  I just keep praying he works it out and she doesn't change her mind about keeping him.

I would probably start talking about his first trip to the Adirondacks.  It's coming up in a couple short weeks and I'm already thinking about what I need to pack since they will probably still have snow there when we arrive.

I would ask you how winter treated you and celebrate the fact that its spring now!

I would ask if you had any advice about flying with an infant and may even take notes when you give it.  I'm a little nervous about that...

I would admit that coming back to work has gotten me out of my bubble and confess that I really just want to crawl back in it.  I have decided that if I can't physically be in my bubble anymore (you know the one...where you have a baby and your world rests in your arms no matter what else is happening outside) then I will at least reside there emotionally and mentally to escape the silly drama of day to day life.  So many more important things in my heart.

I would probably talk your ear off because the majority of the day I talk to middle schoolers and then come home to my babe.  Neither of which have a whole lot to say to me.

I just noticed that the majority of our conversation is focused on being a mom and I would kind of chuckle because I have wanted so badly to maintain a sense fo self, but he is the best part of me and I can't help but talk about him.

I would also admit that I've done a little online shopping recently, but I deserve it because I've sold quite a few items from my closet.  So, (husband) technically speaking I haven't spent money because I've just used the money I made from those sales.

Also, I would probably brag that I deserve that shopping because I met my first goal of losing 5 pounds.  And I weigh in tomorrow to see if I've lost any more this week.  This warm weather has me motivated and I've already gotten 45 of my 1800 minutes.

I would also ask if you know of any upcoming 5ks in the area?  I'm itching to run my first one with the baby.  Running with the stroller has proven to be a fun challenge for me and this warm weather has me motivated.

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  1. My sister would always give the babes a bottle during take off and landing...to help with the pressure. You might want to try that when you fly soon!

    Yay for losing 5 lbs! I'm loving the 1800 challenge. You're doing great so far!

  2. I love this post idea.

    Congrats on your 45 minutes and -5 pounds!

  3. Congrats on losing 5 pounds!! and I can't wait to hear all about your little man soon!!!



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