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Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Month Must Haves for Mommy and Baby

As time has passed I find myself reaching for things that make life easier since having baby.  Here are a few of those simplifying items that I'm currently loving... 

5 month must haves for mom

5 month must haves for mom by coachgaines featuring silk scarves

Hair ties.  I recently purchased some from Old Navy and they are really well made!  In the past, I've always gotten them from boutiques, but when I saw them near the register I grabbed some knowing mine were on the verge of stretched beyond use.  

Scarves.  These are great for baby because they are washable and won't break when tugged.

Wristlet.  This is where I keep my debit/Target card, cash, chapstick, etc.  It goes from pocketbook to back pack to diaper bag without having to worry I'm forgetting something.

Makeup Remover Wipes.  Simple, quick, and refreshing.  'Nuff said.

Clorox Wipes.  I've never used these in my home before, but they make everyday spills and clean ups soooo much easier.  I wipe down CT's toys and high chair with these.  I even keep some in the bathroom to wipe down the sink and toilet once a week in between deep cleanings.

5 month must haves for baby

5 month must haves for baby by coachgaines featuring an ice tray

Activity Jumper.  CT loves to "stand" and jump on our laps.  It's cute and great, but a lot of strain on your upper arms and back to hold him the whole time.  He loves playing with this!

Baby Einstein Sea Turtle.  This is easily CT's favorite toy.  It plays music and lights up.  He has learned how to activate it himself and loves laying on his mat with it.

Baby spoons.  For obvious reasons.

Baby Bullet.  We got this as a shower gift and it makes preparing baby food a breeze.  I'm also looking to add this to our system to make steaming veggies/fruits a little faster. 

Ice cube trays.  I don't care for the freeze tray that came with the Baby Bullet.  Instead, I use the rectangular ice cube trays intended to make ice cubes for water bottles.  They hold the perfect amount of baby food.

Any suggestions for 5 month staples for mommy or baby?


  1. Love the wristlet idea for back and forth!

  2. Using a wristlet is such a good idea! and I use those clorox wipes all the time. Love them.


  3. Savanna loved her jumper SO MUCH. At a year old now she's probably grown out if it.. But she still wants to get in it all the time!


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