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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Wrong Pizza

The night we brought Carson home was the most surreal moment of our lives.  Bringing him home from the hospital suddenly made parenthood very real.

I remember saying, "It's like he's really our's now."

We came home to a peaceful house with our little Christmas tree and our perfect bundle and all was right in the world.  We got settled and decided to order pizza since we were starving and didn't feel like cooking after being away from home for a few days.

Shortly after the pizza was delivered, I heard my husband go running through the house.  The delivery guy was already gone and he'd left us with the wrong pizza.  Justin got on the phone and let the restaurant know the mistake while I started eating the wrong pizza because I was too hungry to care.  They said they would make it right by delivering the ones we originally ordered.

While eating my second slice of the wrong pizza my phone rang.  Apparently Justin had used my phone when he placed the order so the manager called back and questioned what was wrong.  He then proceeded to ask me if we had already eaten part of the wrong pizza.

At this point I got frustrated and responded, "Yes.  We've eaten the wrong pizza.  I just delivered a baby 2 days ago and I'm starving."

He didn't push the issue any further and we got the right pizza delivered to our doorstep shortly after.  I would like to think he wasn't going to take the wrong pizza back and I would really like to think it wouldn't have been delivered to the people that originally ordered it.

On a bright note, the wrong pizza was stuffed with all the cheese you could dream of and we loved it so for now on that's what we order.  Yum!

Moral of the story: Don't mess with a new momma's food. :)

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