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Thursday, June 19, 2014

On Being a Fit Mom

By no means do I feel like I have it all together and most days I don't accomplish everything on my "to do" list, but the other day someone asked me how I manage to exercise and stay active with a little one at home.  And my answer was, I make time.

It's not easy and there are days I don't get to workout because I'm doing the wife, house, and mom things.  Most days I schedule a workout.  And those days, I feel really good.

I'll be honest...for a while I thought I was way. too. tired. to fit a workout into my day.  I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I made up excuse after excuse including the ole breast feeding burns 500 calories line everyone likes to toss your way.  (It's true by the way, but it's not going to make you lose the baby weight in and of itself.)  I knew I couldn't wake up any earlier than I already was and I just couldn't see myself going to the gym after work wasting those precious minutes I get with Carson before he goes to bed running on a treadmill.

I do a ton more laundry now than ever before and I swear I run my dishwasher at least once a day.  Like I said, I had excuse after excuse after...you get the picture.


I think it's important to demonstrate healthy living to our children.

Children copy what they see so if Carson sees me sitting on the couch watching tv and eating a bag of potato chips, more than likely he is going to do that same thing.  If he sees me going for a run each day and making time to exercise each night, there is a good chance he will be active, too.

It's not selfish or incredibly time consuming to be healthy and active.  It's not as expensive as everyone would like you to think to eat healthy and clean.  And, you don't have to be a runner to be a fit mom.

So, one day I just decided no more excuses.  And just like that I started moving.  I started running/walking/crawling? at least 2 miles each day with Carson and the stroller.  After a couple of months I pushed myself further and started doing Mommy&Me yoga.  Then I went a step further and committed to completing the 30 Day Shred in 30 days.

Ya know what happened next?  My energy level boosted.  I dont' wake up earlier - but I do stay up a bit later to get my workout in and surprisingly I don't even notice the 30 minute sleep loss.  I don't waste precious minutes on a treadmill at the gym.  Instead, I take Carson outside for at least 30 minutes a day and walk or run with him which he loves.  I still do the laundry and dishes, but I ask my husband to help (which is okay, moms) with the folding and putting away.

I hope one day Carson will look back at this and be thankful he has a fit mom. I hope he thinks it's cool.

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  1. This has definitely inspired me to get back at working out...since I'm finally starting to feel somewhat normal again after being sick for WAY too long.

  2. love this post. I completely agree with you that baby will SEE the healthy habits and that's whats important. We are the same exact way in our household. I am also trying to eat even healthier - I think we are fairly decent healthy eaters but there's always room to improve right? And even though my son is a bit off from eating "grown up" meals with us, I am still experimenting with new recipes that include more veggies (and hidden veggies!) so when the time comes I have an arsenal up my sleeve that are tried and tested to feed to him.
    You are doing great!!! Are you home for the summer yet from teaching?!


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