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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How I Make Target my B (and save lots of money!)

 (This is not a sponsored post, although I think it should be!  *wink*)

Recently I went to Target during their big baby sale.  Regardless of whether or not you are a mommy, everyone wants to save a few bucks so I'm sharing the tools and tricks I use to save my family the most money possible.  Every bit matters, right?

CT was really wanting a taste of my caramel frappacino
First things first, if you haven't already you must download the Cartwheel app and the Target mobile app and sign up for a RedCard.  (If you are concerned about opening up another credit card, you can get a RedCard debit card that is connected to your checking account just like your normal debit card - you get the same benefits of RedCard holders and have no worries about credit score, etc.)

I save sooo much money with these three things alone.
*The bonus is when you combine them with manufacturer coupons.

On the Cartwheel app, you can select up to 10 discounts/coupons you would like to use in your next trip to the store.  These are on anything from clothing to baby department to groceries.  I love that you can cater your discounts to your family's needs each week.

The mobile app provides you access to Target's mobile site, the sale flier for your particular store, mobile coupons, etc.  Just load the coupons into your passbook on your phone and you're set to save.

Each time you use a Cartwheel discount and a mobile site discount, they both work.  So if you have $1 off 5 pouches of Up&Up baby food on your Cartwheel and there is 5% off Up&Up baby food on the mobile app, you get both discounts.  Not to mention, when you use your RedCard to buy it you get another 5% off.  That brings 5 pouches of food from $4.00 to $2.71.

Set up an account at Coupons.com and download the coupon printer from their site.  You can print various manufacturer coupons that regularly rotate and combine them with any store coupons.  You can also clip coupons from the circulars in the Sunday paper to use in combination with the store offers.

Read signs at the store and check for any gift card rewards for certain purchases.  For example, Target regularly gives a $10 giftcard reward for the purchase of 2 cases of diapers or 3 containers of formula.

Here is what I bought:
Gerber baby food (2 jars per pkg) $1.09 (x15 - That's 30 jars of baby food!)
Gerber Graduates yogurt melts $2.49
Gerber Organic pouches $1.49 (x6)
Up&Up food pouches .79 (x5)
Plum Organics pouches $1.49 (x3)
Happy Baby pouches $1.79 (x2)
Pampers Baby Dry diapers $24.99 (x2)
Munchkin Snack Containers $4.49
Take & Toss sippy cup $3.19
Munchkin To Go bib $6.99
Baby Orajel Natural teething tablets $5.99
Munckin Teething Rings $3.29
Fisher Price remote toy $9.99

Total: $123.70 (retail value)
What I Actually Paid: $75.56

*Target got me again and I returned to buy more diapers a few days after this trip.  I ended up paying $108 for 6 cases of diapers and a few other essentials (I also came home with almost $5 left on a giftcard from them).  This would normally cost about $155*

For example:

First Transaction: When purchasing the 6 cases of diapers I saved money by purchasing 4 cases for $24.99 each with a giftcard reward of $10 with the purchase of 2 (savings: $20 giftcard rewards).  I printed 4 coupons from Coupons.com saving $1.50 on each case (savings: $6 total).  I added Up&Up baby food pouches to my order bringing my total to $100 (savings: $20 off a $100 purchase through a mobile coupon offered in store + 5% off baby food pouches using the mobile app). (*savings: 5% off using RedCard)

Second Transaction: In my second transaction, I purchased 2 more cases of diapers for $24.99 each with a giftcard reward of $10 with the purchase of 2 (savings: $10 giftcard rewards).  I had 2 coupons for Pampers diapers from the Sunday circular saving me $1.50 on each case (savings: $3.00).  I used my $20 in giftcards from my first transaction toward the purchase (savings: $20) making my total less than the cost of just one case of diapers. (*savings: 5% off using RedCard)

Third Transaction: In my last transaction I picked up my mineral foundation from the beauty department because the sale flier advertised it as buy 1 get 1 free (savings: $10.49). I had a $10 giftcard from my second transaction that I used making this purchase less than $1 which originally would have been close to $25 (savings: $10). *Had I realized this deal prior to going in the store, I would have printed a coupon for $1 off the purchase of 2 Physicians Formula products and this transaction would have been totally free.* (*savings: 5% off using RedCard)

Tricks to help you save more moolah at Target:

  1. Download Cartwheel, Target mobile, and any other coupon app (RetailMeNot and CouponSherpa) onto your SmartPhone.
  2. Sign up for the RedCard.
  3. Create an account on Coupons.com/cut out coupons from the Sunday circulars.
  4. Check for giftcard rewards.
  5. Separate your purchases in order to use the most coupons/giftcard rewards possible in each transaction.
  6. Combine any and all offers.
  7. Always ask - always try to get the best price.  The worst they can do is say no.

What's your favorite money saving secret?


  1. I really need to get better at using my Cartwheel App. Guess I'll have to go practice ;)

  2. My money saving way for baby : cloth diaper and homemade food haha I want to get those reuseable pouches - is CT eating from those yet?

    I do like the cartwheel app, however, whenever I'm at target I scan everything I need to see if there's a sale

  3. I always forget to get out my phone for the cartwheel app. I need to be better about that.

  4. super useful!! thank you!


  5. Such great tips. I need to download those apps!



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