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Friday, July 25, 2014

My Favorite "Mom" Apps

As a new mom there are many questions and sometimes you don't think to ask them at the most opportune times.  In fact, a lot of my questions were thought up around 3 a.m. in the middle of nursing or at 6 a.m. when I was laying back down for a morning nap with baby.

So, the ones that I didn't write down in the moment and forgot to ask the doctor/lactation consultant/nurse I went hunting for.  Lucky for me (and you) the age of the smartphone is here and with it, a plethora of tools and information at fingertips.

Here are just a few of my favorite "mom apps" that I've found to be helpful along the way.

My Pregnancy Today (free)
This app provides information about what is happening within the female body at each stage of pregnancy.  It lets users see how big the baby is and gives tips for healthy habits throughout pregnancy.  *It is important to note that this is based on a typical pregnancy.

My Baby Today (free)
Once the baby is born this app, also created by BabyCenter, keeps users updated on what to expect in regards to monthly milestones and provides information regarding feeding, sleeping, etc.
*It is important to note that this is based on average babies.

What to Expect (free)
This app does exactly what it claims to do: informs users of what to expect at each stage of pregnancy/motherhood.  They also provide fertility and pregnancy trackers. (Found here)

BabyConnect (free)
Any nursing mother needs this app.  It can also be purchased and used by daycares, nannies, and preschools.  It helps the user keep track of sleep patterns, feeding times, dirty diapers, etc.  All the things parents need to know at doctor appointments.

Baby Sleep (free)
This app plays lullabies for a period of time.  Perfect for soothing baby while out and about.

Disney Junior (free with option to purchase more)
This app contains episodes of shows seen on Disney Jr.  It is interactive and users can purchase more episodes for viewing.

FreePrints (free)
This app allows users a certain amount of free prints (delivered to your door) of photos each month.  Perfect way to decrease the amount stored on the phone and a quick, inexpensive way to update the family album at home.

Zulily/Woot (free)
Both apps provide users great deals on all sorts of baby gear, clothing for the family, jewelry, toys, games, and decor.

Target Mobile/Cartwheel (free)
These apps save money and time while shopping at Target.  See how I use these apps to save my family money here.


  1. Def going to check out that free prints app!

  2. I've actually been considering getting GrooveBook - you get 100 photos a day and just pay I think it's $3. How much does shipping cost with FreePrints?


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