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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Personal Shopper

Tee: Forever 21, Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory, Necklace/Bracelet: Silpada

The other day I got a message from a coworker asking me about boutiques and shops I frequent because her daughter is looking for something specific for a trip later this fall.  She has a picture in her mind of what she wants, but of course, she can't find it in stores.

Don't you hate that?

It got me thinking about what a luxury it would be to have a personal shopper and how fun it would be to be that personal shopper for other people!  I mean, hello!

Shop all day and get paid for it?  I'm so there.

It also made me think about Stitch Fix and how much I appreciate the service it provides by doing some of the hard digging for me.  It's not often I have time for the dig these days.

Oh!  Ya know what's great about a maxi skirt?  It dresses you up on a day when you want to wear sweats to work, but it feels like sweats.

Ya know what's great about a lace maxi skirt?  It looks even fancier than a normal maxi, but it still feels like sweats.

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  1. I'm loving this maxi skirt! And yes, it would be so helpful to have a personal shopper.


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