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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sticking to Goals


I've been teaching my middle school students about setting attainable goals, creating baby steps to meet those goals, working toward them, and celebrating the end result.  

As I've been doing so I've really started to analyze the parts of my life that I want to work on and the goals that I've set for myself.  I shared some of these goals with my students.  And then the other day when it came time to go out and run for the first time in 2 weeks I thought about that half marathon I've been talking about for the past 6 weeks.  

Confession: I thought about not signing up and just looking for one in the spring.  I started thinking about all the running I hadn't done in the past 2 weeks and felt like it would be impossible to go 8 miles with a stroller after going so long without.

And then I thought about the lesson I am trying to instill in my students.  So many of them have set goals for themselves this year that are going to be hard to attain.  They will have to work toward them every day.  Especially after two weeks off at Christmas.
So, I decided I had to go.  If not for me, then for them.  I have to be the example I want them to be.  I have to work toward my own goals even when I don't want to, even when I hate it, even when it's not fun because that's what they need to do.

I realize this all sounds very melodramatic to those of you who may not have children or work with children, but if they see me doing something (or not doing something) they are more than likely going to mimic that behavior.

So, I went out last Sunday and even though I hadn't run in a long time, I put in 7.5 miles.  (I kicked myself later when I realized had I run another 1/2 mile I would be completely on track with my training.)  Honestly, it wasn't that bad - thinking about it and dreading was far worse than actually doing it.  I think that's the way most of our goals go, isn't it though?

What are some goals you're working toward?


  1. I love that your doing it not only for yourself, but for your students!


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