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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Months

Dear Carson,

Getting these pictures was so difficult because you are so curious and on the go all the time.  I find myself getting upset that they aren't perfect and then I quickly realize that they are.  This is you, right now, in the moment, you.  You are a ball of energy and you are inquisitive and I love it.  You keep me going all the time and as crazy as life can be some days, it's fun.  

I'm always watching to see what you are going to do next and what will capture your attention.  Your smile still stops time and your squeals are music to my ears.  When you catch me off guard I literally run after you and you giggle when I catch you.  I love that giggle.

You love being outside.  You whine and reach toward the door when you want to go out.  You love watching out the window or sitting on the front stoop and watching everything go by.  So curious.  

Ten months just blew me away.  It's like you've always been here and then again, it's like you just arrived all at the same time.  

I love you.  So so much.

10 Month Update
Weight:  20+ pounds
Length:  29 inches
Nicknames: Milkman, Milk Monster, CT, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Bubby, Monster, Buddy Boy, Stinka, Bubba, Mr. Magee
Sleep: You generally go to bed around 8:00 and wake up around 6:00 a.m.  Sometimes on weekends you sleep in.
Eating:  You love feeding yourself everything from puffs to ravioli to crackers with hummus.  You are eating Stage 3 foods, but we try to give you as many finger foods as possible.
Clothing: 9 months
  • Playing
  • Your Aden + Anais blankies
  • Bath time
  • Runs with Mommy
  • The pool/water
  • Ribbons/shoe laces/strings/etc
  • The dog dishes, carbon monoxide detector, battery charger - anything you shouldn't have
  • Your soccer ball
  • Having your face/hands wiped
  • Your teeth brushed
  • Getting lotioned when you are sleepy
Exciting Moments:
You started walking with a push toy
You completed a 5k, 10k, and half marathon before your 10 month birthday!
Momma's Milestones:
I completed a 5k, 10k, and half marathon 10 months post-partum!

I signed up as a BeachBody coach and recommitted to my healthy lifestyle.
I currently weigh less than I did when I got pregnant


  1. Such a curious, handsome wiggle worm!

  2. he is just so cute!! and pictures are so hard!


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